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Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry and husband Olivier Martinez are both being sued by an LAX employee for $5,000,000.

In January of this year, Ronaldo Owens who works at LAX claims that French actor Martinez hit him with a baby car seat when paparazzi would not get out of the way as the famous couple tried to get to their car. Owens claims that he was not obstructing their path and it was his job to stand nearby.

Photos of the incident show Martinez bombarding the employee with the car seat causing him to fall to the floor.

Even though it was her husband who caused the LAX employee to fall to the floor, Halle Berry is also being sued. According to Owens, the X-Men star was the "mastermind" behind the whole episode, unleashing her husband, as some sort of secret weapon, to go on a rampage and bash anyone that stood in their path with a baby car seat.

This is Owens' second attempt at suing the couple. The first time around was unsuccessful for Owens as the Los Angeles City Attorney decided not to prosecute. So maybe the couple have nothing to worry about after all.

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And in case you forgot, here are some other crazy times when celebrities have been sued;

  • The curious case of Beyonce, Blue Ivy and Tina Seals: fuelling conspiracy theorists around the world, a woman named Tina Seals filed a maternity suit against the Bootylicious superstar claiming she was the real birth mother of Blue Ivy.
  • Kimberley Griggs - Michael Jackson's one true love: Griggs filed a law suit against the Michael Jackson estate for one billion dollars for exploiting personal information. It is claimed the two started a burning love affair in 1979 and Jackson promised to give her the rights to all of his songs when he died.
  • P Diddy and the "zillion dollar" poker chip: a woman named Valerie Turks sued the hip-hop star for a variety of crazy reasons including stealing a poker chip that was worth the elusive amount of a "zillion dollars." In total, the lawsuit was worth one trillion dollars which would have been futile anyway because financially that would not have got Turks very close back to the zillion dollar mark!


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