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It's beginning to feel like no game has ever been more hyped than Hello Games' No Man's Sky. From the moment we first heard of it and saw it in action, we were captivated. Its gameplay and innovative ideas have made it into the New York Times, The New Yorker, and even onto The Colbert Show. Its developers have been on one hell of a journey and this video celebrates the one that we'll all be undergoing on its release date.

What is it about No Man's Sky that captivates you? Why are you so excited to get your hands on this game? Well, I guess after watching this compilation video, one which combines every gameplay clip so far into one sped-up adventure, you'll know exactly why. Prepare yourself.

A 20 Minute No Man's Sky Video? Yes, Please!

Can I just say that the music of 65DaysofStatic is incredible. The way in which it perfectly embodies the notion of space travel is pretty amazing. This video was created by Elca, and if you liked it be sure to head on over to YouTube to show your support! After all, a video that helps us celebrate the idea of No Man's Sky is one worth liking and sharing. But there's more where that cam from!

What Do You Want Most From the Release Date of No Mans Sky?

No Man's Sky
No Man's Sky

Below you can check out a rather beautiful video that pulls you into a beautiful and melancholic world. It's indicative of the kind of emotions and themes that No Man's Sky will be exploring on its release date. Additionally, the music is pretty much the kind of thing I'll be listening to when venturing through the universe. It's calming, mystical, and soothing. I don't need No Man's Sky to be an incredible game, what I'm hoping it delivers is the kind of serene experience these videos illicit.

Let us know what you think of these videos and [No Man's Sky](tag:2684052) in general. What do you really hope to experience on its release date, whenever that may be? Do you think that Paris Games Week will finally offer us an answer to the question we all want to know?


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