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It's often comforting to completely detach ourselves when we watch horror movies, and to escape into a fantasy world which we know would never appear in reality.

Hollywood film directors aren't the first to use this form of escapism and morbid storytelling - many legends and myths are terrifying in nature, so much so that often it feels like they'd scare audiences away if they made it to the big screen.

These Native American characters and stories will give even the most hardened horror fan chills. Oh, and remember, some people claim these things actually happened...


1. Ice Cannibals

Named by tribes as Giwakwas, Ice Cannibals are said to have had their hearts turned to ice by evil spirits due to committing cannibalism or an equally morbid deed. This has morphed them in to giants who only eat human flesh.

If that's not unnerving by itself, their screams alone are said to kill humans, and they get bigger and bigger when they get angry. Long story short - avoid them, but if not, try to keep them calm.

2. Dry Fingers

Unrelated to eczema and a billion times more upsetting, Dry Fingers are disembodied arms that like to hang out in deserted areas and scare people who walk by.

Don't fear these if you're an upstanding citizen, though. They only target those who have done bad things.

Oh, and the arm can fly.

3. Skin-Walker

During daytime, Skin-Walkers will resemble normal human beings, but shape-shift at night into all sorts of scary creatures.

More often than not, they'll turn in to some sort of ghastly animal and hunt humans during nighttime.

If they don't succeed in shape-shifting form, they have the ability to mind read, leaving their victims hypnotized.

4. Two-Face

If you thought Harvey Dent was intimidating, wait until you find out about the Native American namesake.

At a quick glance, these monsters look like normal humans, but there's a twist. As well as having a normal, functioning human face, they also have a second face on the back of the head.

Making eye contact with the 'second face' is a big error. Those that are unfortunate enough to do so will be struck dead, or, even worse, will be frozen with fear until later when the Two-Face returns and murders them.

5. Mosquito Man

Mosquitos, by their nature, are annoying. However, they're nothing compared to Mosquito Man.

This creature will not only steal your blood, it'll also suck your brains out. Often this is so effective, friends of the victim don't realise that they are dead.

This character was more than likely the inspiration for the 2005 film of the same name, about a Scientist who turns herself into a mutant insect.


1. The cannibal who was burned

This story features the charming fellow we met just now - Mosquito Man.

Five brothers were out hunting, and were visited by a mysterious man. One day, one of the brothers broke down in tears.

When asked what was wrong, the man told the others the stranger has secretly sucked the child's brain out from his head. Ew.

Eventually the hunter's caught up with the cannibal, and burnt him alive.

2. The Stone Boy

A girl loses her five brothers hunting, all presumed dead. In her dismay, the girl attempts to swallow a pebble in a bid to kill herself.

This has the opposite effect, and the girl grows happy. Then, bizarrely, she gives birth to a perfectly formed Stone Boy, who grows quickly.

The Stone Boy then goes on a hunt to find the person who murdered the girl's brothers. He finds the culprit, an old woman, and kills her in an act of revenge. He then revives his uncles and they all live happily ever after. Probably.

3. And one uplifting story (sort of)... The skeleton

A young boy who spends a night far away from home in a rundown house (always a safe, secure bet...) is visited by a grinning skeleton, challenging him to a wrestle.

The boy agreed, and as a reward for his courage, the skeleton then took him to another part of the house. The room was full of treasure. The skeleton asked the boy to hand out all the treasure he could to the poor and keep the rest for himself.

The boy and his family lived their lives in comfort, thanks to the friendly skeleton.

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