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Rob Harris

Ever since I can remember, ventriloquist dummies have always terrified me. There's something unnatural about their changeless glares that just sends shivers down my spine.

If you share my fear, these vintage ventriloquist dummies will rattle your nerves and make you go NOPE!

The Silent Family

The ventriloquist pictured is Jules Vernon, accompanied by his super creepy family members. Fun fact: Vernon went blind during the middle of his show, but, ever the professional, he just carried on miming!

Kill It With Fire

Other than being totally horrifying, that face is oddly reminiscent of the creature in The Neverending Story.

Silent Scheming

What are they whispering about? A murder plot, most likely.

Decapitated Dummies

I'm losing my head over this one.... Sorry.


Those spindly little legs and oversized facial features get me every time.

The One-Eyed Boy

I know it can't see, so why can I not shake the feeling that he's looking deep into my soul.


Wait. Which heads are human?


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