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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Horror movies that come with a twist are awesome, especially if your expectations are blown apart at the very end...

1. Devoured

Year of Release: 2012

What the movie seems to be: A woman who's moved to America to earn money for her sick kid is haunted by strange visions.

What it actually is: A woman driven mad by the death of her child has been killing people and disassociating with reality.

Shock Factor: 3/5

2. Orphan

Year of Release: 2009

What the movie seems to be: an adopted kid is acting very weird and murdering people.

What it actually is: a deranged woman with a growth disorder that makes her look like a child is killing people. Creepy and awesome, but we knew something was up with that girl!

Shock Factor: 3/5

3. Audition

Year of Release: 1999

What the movie seems to be: a guy marries a quiet, unassuming, beautiful young woman.

What it actually is: a guy marries a crazy woman who likes to keep people tied up in sacks, make them eat their own vomit and torture them with piano wire.

Shock Factor: 4/5

4. The Mist

Year of Release: 2007

What the movie seems to be: a terrible evil comes to town but we're pretty sure that the main characters will make it out alive - this is Hollywood, right?

What it actually is: Thinking escape is impossible, our hero shoots all of his remaining allies. A second later, the mist clears and he realizes they had arrived at a safe place. Brutal.

Shock Factor: 4/5

5. Sleepaway Camp

Year of Release: 1983

What the movie seems to be: a timid little girl, Angela, goes to a summer camp where someone is murdering her fellow campers.

What it actually is: right at the last moment, we discover that Angela is a traumatized little boy, forced to live as a girl by a crazy aunt. The death of his parents and his weird life compel Angela to go on a killing spree. The reveal at the end is truly spectacular.

Shock Factor: 5/5

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