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Regardless of your opinion on horror movies, it's clear that they can leave a lasting impression. Who hasn't watched a horror and found themselves concerned about whether or not they're alone in their room at night, or acutely aware of the dark shadows making frightening shapes in the corner of the room.

We can relax of course, because it's only a movie, but halloween is fast approaching and it's time to get scared. I've accumulated a few real life horror stories to keep you up at night. Halloween isn't just for kids any more, and neither are these frightening tales.

1. An Intruder in the House.

Laundrysoap from Reddit revealed a story told to her by her boyfriends mother, who experienced a frightening event as a child. Their house featured a unique design with a number of doors from the outside, including to the young girls bedroom. She felt increasingly concerned that she was being watched at night, and even claimed that she heard someone trying to get through the door.

Her parents naturally dismissed the notion, and the girls fears worsened until she couldn't spend the night in her bedroom. Eventually the father awoke during the night to see a shadowy figure, and the following morning found footprints in the snow leading to every window and door.

The girls father followed the footprints, eventually discovering that they belonged to a mentally disabled teenager who lived in the neighbourhood. The teen confessed to creeping into the house every night so he could watch the girl sleep.

What's the moral of the story? Lock your doors... and don't watch people sleep. It's creepy.

2. The Attempted Mary Stewart Murder.

In his role as Mortimer in the production of Mary Stuart, Daniel Hoevels had to repeatedly commit suicide on stage with a dulled knife. He did this every night with a fantastic response from the audience, until one day -- mid-performance, but a moment too late -- Hoevels discovered that the knife was sharp and most definitely real.

To this day it's unknown whether this was attempted murder or just a set screw-up, but Hoevels survived the incident, having avoided severing an artery.

3. Twenty Three Years in Hell.

Rom Houben probably thought he was dead when he suffered through a horrific car crash. Remarkably, he survived, but his body was completely paralyzed; what's worse is that everybody thought that he was in a coma.

23 years passed with Houben trapped inside his own mind, with no company, no means of communicating, and no one aware that he was conscious. Eventually medical science took a leap forward and now Houben is able to communicate, but the experience must have been truly frightening.

4. Worst - Breakup - Ever.

When Michelina Lewandowska broke up with her fiancé, Marcin Kasprzak, she probably figured she'd deal with a few difficult phone calls and maybe an argument or two. But she found that the father of her three year old son was more vindictive than she had first thought.

Michelina was attacked by her ex partner and a close friend of his, who then bound her hands and feet before throwing her into a shallow grave. Driven only by thoughts of her child, Michelina desperately cut her bonds using her engagement ring -- the symbolism of which is just beautiful -- after which she escaped to rescue her son.

5. Horror in the Bedroom.

Okay, so this is pretty dark. Corazon Atienza opened the door to her apartment, accidentally allowing brutal killer Richard Speck in the home she shared with her two female roommates.

Terrified, Corazon hid under the bed whilst her roommates were assaulted, stabbed and tortured... for six hours, after which the heavily intoxicated Speck left, forgetting about Corazon.

The frightened woman ran from her apartment and attracted the attention of neighbours; the perpetrator was apprehended shortly afterwards. When the case came to trial, Speck was quickly awarded the death penalty.


So... which was your "favourite" story?

(Source: Dreadcentral, Ranker.)


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