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To say that the Wolves are huge jerks would be the understatement of the century. The one who pretended to be humane and actually have a soul after getting shot by Carl... only to then try to kill him... was pretty much the character that led me to the point when I realized the Wolves from The Walking Dead were unequivocally not good guys (and gals).

So let's recap. Here are 10 things we know about the Wolves so far... I'm sure we'll get to know even more very, very soon.

1. The Wolves are (probably) the Scavengers from 'The Walking Dead' comics

The Wolves hear the shot that Rick puts into the head of Pete after he killed Deanna's husband, and start watching Alexandria.

2. The Wolves DGAF about personal boundaries

We know the Wolves tried to steal all of Morgan's gear at the beginning of Season 5's finale, and now they're all up in Alexandria, killing people and taking no prisoners. Who knows what these fools are going to do next.

3. The Wolves (Scavengers) encounter at Alexandria is way different in the comics

In the comics, Andrea is still alive, and she is the one who starts taking on the Wolves at the gate. Clearly, as you saw last Sunday, Carol is the one who takes on this role, blending in with the Wolves and taking them out in disguise.

4. The Wolves' attack in the comics attracted more walkers, and it's likely that the same is true in the show

The show went with the horn rather than a gunshot, but there were also a few of those ringing out as well. Let's just say, the walkers probably heard a good deal coming from Alexandria, and they're even more likely to head that way now. And more Wolves too. Definitely, more Wolves are en route.

5. Will Negan show up soon?

Will we see Negan in episode 3? Or is he not making an appearance for a while? He's not part of the Wolves, but he's the main villain of interest in the comics.

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6. Negan is the leader of the Saviors... and perhaps the Saviors and Scavengers will combine forces... forces of brutality

Clearly, the real world is much darker and more brutal than any of the Alexandrians know. This is just the beginning of the pain that will be inflicted by these two groups (Scavengers + Saviors = Wolves?).

7. The Wolves use walkers as weapons

I know that this is an insane alliteration, but it's true. At the end of Season 5, when they used music to lure the walkers into the trucks, we got our first glimpse at that.

8. The W on the forehead marks the Wolves' territory

We are going to start learning a lot more about the rest of the world, and we'll see that the Wolves (who are likely going to be one group made up of a few from the comics) want to mark themselves and their walkers as their own. There are other groups that are doing quite well and living suburban-style lives. The Wolves aren't feeling all that.

9. The Wolves use walkers as their security guards

At the end of Season 5, we saw the walkers that filled those trailers to the brim, and they also chained walkers to the fence to protect themselves. The first attack may have seemed a little lackadaisical, but if the comics are any indication, these folks are organized.

10. The Wolves soak their weapons in walker blood and guts

Negan is going to eventually get introduced as the main villain (but this could also change). The man is a huge advocate of soaking weapons in walker blood so that those who they squabble with will turn.


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