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Ever since Marvel announced that Sam Wilson is going to be Captain America there was a predictable backlash. However, Wilson is a great choice to represent America. He is Steve Rogers best friend and confidant. He knows Rogers Intel inside and out and above all else he is a proud American.

Now there is another attack on his character from none other than Fox News. Fox News already dislike Wilson as Captain America because he is a "PC" stunt. But they are upset at who he is fighting. Fox panelists Tucker Carlson, Heather Childers and Clayton Morris (who apparently is an expert on this subject). They are upset that Wilson is fighting an internal enemy called The Supreme Serpent.

The Supreme Serpent is a right wing organisation who racially abuse immigrants.

Although this enemy warrants Captain America to fight against, this does not wash with Fox. Fox feel uncomfortable that Wilson is not fighting Islamic State or Muslims. But why? America has its own issues with race and immigration. White supremacist groups are on the rise and you now have outspoken Republican candidates like Donald Trump who rather disturbingly subjects hispanics as theives, rapists and "forcing themselves" on American culture. All of it is untrue of course but Fox's Morris shares this ignorant belief:

The whole theme is the same, which is: out there, in the middle of the country between Malibu and Georgetown, everyone is an ignorant snake-handling bigot, and they need to be held in place, or else they’ll turn this country into Nazi Germany. It’s like, the people who run this country, a lot of them actually believe that. I live near them! They really think that!

But this is my issue especially, why do Fox take exception to Captain America fighting racists but not Muslims? Well that is easy to answer. Fox have done everything in their power to deflect anything that is anything internal terrorism. There has unfortunately been acts of terrorism by white supremacist groups of late but Fox say that it's "mental illness" or "needs help". However, to them they generate unnecessary hate against Muslims by claiming that every Muslim is a terrorist. They do this constantly, so now that Marvel have done this realistic story about Racism in America by whites they act...they get defensive.

What Fox and other bigots think of Sam Wilson.

Although people can object all they want about Wilson being Captain America, they can not deny that he does represent America. Seeing as that America itself is a country that is multicultural having a black Captain America should never be seen as far fetched. But here lies the problem, for decades we have been conditioned into believing that mainstream superheros are white males only. This has been happening for a long time, so long that if anything changes it's a "PC" stunt.

But it's actually not. Sam Wilson represents what America is....a soldier who has fought for his country....a hero who saves lives....and a man who is loyal to his friends and country. However, Fox news only see colour not his character. Just like Fox News only see that the enemy is IS or Muslims in general. Being in denial about problems at home only increases the problem. What Marvel has done is nothing short of brilliant. They have identified that racism and immigration is a huge problem in America.

And Marvel are confronting this issue through the patriotic Sam Wilson.


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