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Britney Spears is arguably more famous for her much documented breakdown and those infamous shaved head pictures than she is for her unparalleled pop career and numerous landmark achievements.

Luckily, Brit Brit has a seriously awesome fan base who have supported her through thick and thin, and when you take the time to learn more about the 33-year-old singers inspirational career, it's easy to see how she has earned their loyaly.

Below are some seriously awesome facts about Britney's accomplishments as opposed to her private life, so let's take a moment to celebrate her for the star that she is!

11. The Only Way is Up

Although Britney must have known her soprano voice was special after performing in her childhood, the teenage star was still down to earth enough to realize she wasn't above taking on a normal job.

After the Mickey Mouse Club was cancelled in 1995 a young Britney worked in a novelty store for a stint before succeeding as a singer.

10. A Really Mini Mouse!

Britney was the youngest ever cast member of the Mickey Mouse Club. She first auditioned when she was just eight years old, but was rejected for being too young, before she finally landed the role at the ripe old age of eleven.

9. Big Star, Small Package

Landing the MMC role so young probably wasn't a huge surprise to Britney though, she also almost won a singing show named star search when she was knee high to a grass hopper. Check her out in the video above.

8. Crit Me Baby, One More Time!

The video for 'Baby One More Time' was initially meant to be animated, but Britney never like the idea. She herself came up with the now infamous 'Catholic school girl' inspired music video that launched the song into the stratosphere for the MTV generation.

7. Teenage Dream

Britney's debut album was certified two-times platinum after a month and topped the album chars in fifteen different countries. After selling over 10 million copies in a year, 'Baby One More Time' became the biggest selling album by a teenage artist, and considering how prolific the Jackson's were, that's seriously impressive!

6. She's So Lucky, with That Star!

Along with the above accolade, Britney is tied with Melissa Gilbert as the youngest person to ever accept a star on Hollwood's walk of fame. She was 21.

5. But Wait, There's More!

As if that wasn't enough, Spears is also the best selling female artist of the 2000s. Soz Xtina.

4. Broadway Baby

In 1992, Britney Spears acted as an understudy on the off-Broadway production of Ruthless alongside Natalie Portman. The pair were clearly fond of each other because later on Britney said that if anyone was to portray her in a movie, she would want Natalie to do it. Awwwww!

3. Taking Control

'Dear Diary' is the first song Britney herself wrote that appeared on one of her albums. Spears prefers to write ballads and she co-writes songs when she can including hits such as 'Everytime' and dozens of album tracks.

2. Mysterious Maestro

Britney might be best known as a singer, but did you know that she also plays the piano? She is also teaching her sons to tickle the ivories.

1. You Better Werk It!

Oh yeah, and she was also the highest-paid reality show judge ever, getting $15 million to do X-Factor.

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