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They won’t win any Oscars but they will put a smile on your face and satiate your need for B-movie mayhem. When a B-movie can juggle gore, humor and likable characters it becomes a thing of beauty. I love monster movies like Tremors, Piranha 3D and Deep Blue Sea. So, I decided to dig through Netflix and find five monster movies that exemplify all that is good, bad and glorious. The list includes zombie beavers, cops that are werewolves and cockneys battling zombies. These films will be perfect for late night viewings.

If you are interested in any of these movies I recently listened to a podcast by Movies, Films and Flix that covered Wolfcop and Zombeavers. It is a fun listen and I totally recommend it.

1. Grabbers

Grabbers is fun, charming and rewatchable. It is a little Irish film that focuses on villagers who have to stay drunk to stay alive. The best thing about Grabbers is that it is immensely likable and doesn’t become a one-note shlock fest. It follows in the foot steps of Gremlins, Attack the Block and Tremors with its infusion of horror, comedy and oddness. You will cheer for the eventual drunk heroes as they battle ill-tempered aliens.

2. WolfCop

WolfCop tells the age-old tale of an alcoholic police officer turned vigilante werewolf cop. This soon to be Canadian cult classic is a simple little thing that knows what it is and gives people what they want. What do people want? They want a cop to turn into a werewolf and battle shape shifting small town inhabitants. Wolfcop never takes itself seriously and even as faces are being ripped off the likability is evident. It is 75 minutes of blood, beer and boobs.

3. Cockney’s vs. Zombies

Cockneys vs. Zombies tells the story of east Londoners vs. zombies. It is a relaxed breath of fresh air that allows the cast to crack wise while figuring out how to kill a zombie with a metal plate in its head. CvZ is a neat entry to the zombie canon that proves soccer hooligans will still fight when they are dead.

If you are in the mood for a midnight movie featuring a slow motion chase scene between an old man and a zombie this film is for you. The film is certified fresh (71% on RT) and captures a fun tone of cheeky, violent and more cheeky.

4. The Colony

The Colony is a wonderful type of dumb. The characters are barely two-dimensional, the bad guys do spin kicks and there is a whole lot of narrating. The film rivals AVP in it’s ice age shenanigans and misunderstanding of frost bite. However, I kinda enjoyed it. It The modestly budgeted Canadian production has a charming personality despite not featuring anything original. The bumps and bruises make it a perfect late night shlock fest that you and your cinephile friends will appreciate.

The most memorable part of this film is the bad guy who must be some kind of paranormal. He loves flying through air ducts and surviving explosions. In the film, he survives three separate explosions with nary a scratch. Fishburne drops dynamite in the outpost (nothing). Fishburne blows up a bridge and kills 75% of the bad guys (nothing). Bill Paxton shoots a gas canister killing the rest of the bad guys and the villain slides into an air duct (unscathed). His clothes aren’t burnt and he only becomes hungrier. During the finale he is hit in the head by a steel pole at least 37 times (not an exaggeration). He shakes it off and finally succumbs to getting his head chopped in half. Where did this dude come from? How did he become the leader of a cannibalistic tribe? Does it hurt shaving your teeth into spikes? When did he make the move to cannibalism? Was it an easy choice? Why is that scar so strategic?

5. Zombeavers

Zombeavers is gloriously underwritten, self-aware and cheeky. It is loaded with everything that makes for a perfect midnight movie. There is nudity, profanity, beaver puns, bikinis and death via Zombeaver. Shakespeare this ain’t. However, if you gather your friends, stock up on beer and embrace the mayhem you will have a fun time with this film.


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