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I have to start by saying that this film is a visual and artistic masterpiece that was so beautifully constructed and so well executed I couldn't walk away...seriously I had to pee as soon as the movie started. It stars Emily Blunt, Josh Brolin, and Benicio Del Toro. Three cops out to kill one higher up in the drug cartel. We follow Blunt's character Kate Macer through the majority of the first two acts, and mostly through the third, As she struggles to live with the events that have occurred during her time as a member of the S.W.A.T. team. One event in particular leads to her recruitment, into a larger role in the taking down of this Drug Lord. From their we are introduced to Josh Brolin's Character Matt Graver, who seems to be a bit different, considering the clothes he wears to important meetings and so on (you'll understand when you see the movie). He them introduces us to Del Torro, and the film takes us on an intense journey all the way through the end.

So that no spoilers are made, lets move on to the performances. First off Emily Blunt did such an incredible job! Acting as if she was a bit lost at times helped the audience find comfort in the fact that we were not the only ones. The only thing that needs to be said about her is maybe she needs to learn how to properly hold a cigarette without it looking so foreign to her. Nonetheless absolutely stunning. Josh Brolin was a great leader in this film, he did a great job supporting the two leads and you could tell it allowed the rest of the cast really pull out some of their emotions. Finally Benicio Del Toro, this man blew me away, as he does in everything he works on. The mystery he leaves throughout the whole film, has you begging for more.

Visually this was a work of art. This was the best part about the entire film. Denis Velleneuve really gave it his all directing this film. For an independent film it was so perfectly constructed and you could tell a lot of time was put into making everything flow together smoothly. Now the cinematography is something i have to mention. What Roger Deakins can do with a camera is simply remarkable. he uses so much imagery and dark tones to really help you feel as if you are in the middle of the desert experiencing everything that is happening on screen. He puts us in the shoes of all three characters, and at the end what the end is something special (no spoilers). The Editing along with the cinematography was wonderful as well to say the least. I am a sucker for original ideas, and Taylor Sheridan and his team of writers made and amazing script that was so perfectly executed.

I don't think this movie is perfect by any stretch, it does have its negatives, but not enough to mention, mostly just personal preference. All in all this is a great movie and i cant wait to get the Blu Ray. This is a film that will stay in your head for days after you see it. Check out a web series i will be a part of called Marvel Knights Spider Man


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