BySeth Natter, writer at

Games developed today in general , graphically and with some interactively, have been brushing against the idea of games I used to sit with friends around the atari 2600 like a campfire dreaming and saying "One day....". I can testify that the passion for gaming still burns just as strong in myself and my friends, well beyond our transformations into husbands and fathers. There were many nights I would lure my Korean War generation father before the glowing alter of the cosole of the day(for a long time the NES) and search his face for an indication that this time he would receive the current of electronic ecstasy through that second controller and we would play and eat junk together until our eyes burned. I think what Phil Spencer and others with his mind set focused on the revenue potential of global online playare saying is that ,they have chosen to sacrifice the 'gaming parent' who subsidizes the household gaming experience while fattening the Microsoft coffers and ensures that the latest console is present(my house has 2 360's and an xbox one) because we enjoy gaming with our children and are passing the torch until the day that they can kick our butts on a local multiplayer fps and we can step back and say,"it is good....." Let Them remember that gamers are born to gamers and knowledge is passed between two controllers(sometimes more) on a couch and if we begin to feel exploited or forgotten, then a great flood can come to wash away the xbox to the abyss to join the Sega Saturn and all the other consoles who had lost their way.

So when the current generation of on-line multiplayers grow into families of their own, and beyond as they enter their golden years, I hope the nursing home is decked out with a console in every room and a high speed connection, because the ancient ritual of passing the rite of gaming at the family couch , between two controllers, will have been dead and forgotten.....


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