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Season 5 of American Horror Story: Hotel is already causing some serious outrage. It seems like people have forgotten the series is titled American Horror Story for a reason! It's never shied away from controversial scenes or evil characters. In fact, this show has had some of the evilest villains on all of television. Here are 5 evil characters from American Horror Story that scared the hell out of us:

Rubber Man:

Scare Factor: 8/10

Why he's so scary: The rubber man got his name from donning a rubber fetish suit that goes beyond simple kink. The ghost of Tate Langdon is the being inside of the rubber suit and he does some really horrific things to people while wearing it. Anyone who would shove a red hot poker up someone's butt and then rape a woman all to have a baby, is someone we would never invite over our house for brunch in the afternoon

Dr. Arthur Arden

Scare Factor: 10/10

Why he's so scary: How could a man who's flesh and blood be so evil? While Bloody Face received the most attention in season 2 Asylum, Dr. Arden was just as sinister and evil. Dr. Arden was a confirmed Nazi war criminal who was responsible for carrying out grotesque experiments on people during the holocaust. His mission was to create some sort of super human although he only ended up making zombie-like creatures. He carried his horrible experiments over to the Briarcliff Asylum.

It was later revealed in season 4 Freak show that Arden was also responsible for making a snuff film that ended in the removal of Elsa Mars's legs.

Delphine LaLaurie

Scare Factor: 10/10

Why She's so scary: Delphine LaLaurie was a wealthy socialite who was known throughout New Orleans for throwing big, high society parties in 1830s New Orleans. What people didn't know, was that she secretly tortured and murdered her slaves in a torture chamber in her basement. She would rip off their body parts and sew them on to different parts of their body. She would sew their mouth shut and kill them for nothing more than to use their blood as a facial.

The scariest thing about her is the fact that her character was based on a woman with the same name who did the same despicable things to her slaves.

Dandy Mott

Scare Factor: 10/10

Why he's so scary: Dandy was someone with complete privilege who felt like he could do whatever he wanted to whomever he wanted, and that resulted in the murder of many people. Why did he murder so many people? Because he simply wanted to. It's a scary thought that the rich can get away with so much, including murder!

Mr. March

Scare Factor: 10/10

Why he's so scary: Season 5 of [American Horror Story: Hotel](tag:3561561) has just begun and Mr. March is just one of the scariest villains this season has to offer! He's the builder of the hotel Cortez and another privileged person who enjoys offing people for sport. He enjoys it so much he invents new ways to kill people on a regular basis. We're just scratching the surface of how evil Mr. March is, but now we're already sure we don't want to spend the night in his hotel.


What American Horror Story villain do you find most evil?


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