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A few months back it was announced via MoviePilot that a new documentary would launch exploring Jim Henson's masterpiece The Dark Crystal (1982). Today, another step towards that vision materializes as co-directors JM Prater, Philip Mitchell, and producing partner Kyle Murphey launch their campaign to raise the funds they need to make the film they've envisioned.

"It's an exciting time to be alive. So much of what inspired us as kids is back in public consciousness. Many properties that were originally released in the late 1970s and early 1980s are center stage as studios reinvest and reinvigorate their brands. For us, we feel like this is the perfect time to pull off what we see as a blanket that's been gently covering a cinematic masterpiece, Jim Henson's 'The Dark Crystal.'"
- JM Prater
art and design by Scott Fuller
art and design by Scott Fuller

The Dark Crystal, considered by Jim Henson himself as his masterpiece, is a film that has no equal, no parallel, standing the test of time. Using all practical in-camera effects, The Dark Crystal tells a familiar story in such a unique way that no one has dared to try and replicate it's artistry since.

"This documentary has been in progress for over a year, when I first chatted with JM about The Dark Crystal, he approached me on the spot to collaborate on The Great Conjunction. It was unexpected and its been a great journey, from chatting on Skype to meeting up for the first time at Star Wars Celebration at Anaheim to planning. Its been a very busy year putting time towards the documentary, whilst working and of course producing monthly podcasts about The Dark Crystal. The Dark Crystal fan communities are growing more and more each day as people have been coming back to revisit the film and realise just how magical it really is. I really hope that we can get the support to make this documentary to really showcase the impact and the legacy of The Dark Crystal”
-Philip Mitchell / Co-Director
JM Prater & Philip Mitchell’s first meet up.
JM Prater & Philip Mitchell’s first meet up.

Directors JM and Philip began exploring the idea for their documentary in October of 2014 through casual conversation after meeting in a Dark Crystal Facebook group. After discussing the idea of a documentary together, Philip and JM decided to go with it and began the arduous task of assembling talent and working on a pitch video, launching a Facebook page, a Twitter handle, preparing the way for an imminent crowdfunding campaign.

"We've been working hard, chatting almost every day for a year. We've had ups and downs, difficulties, even going through a rebranding to get us to this point. Our hope now is that the fans help us achieve the monetary goals we set, and through our 50 day campaign, we are able to raise the funds we need, hopefully more. We're at this place where we're taking a leap of faith, hoping that all of our hard work proved fruitful.”
-JM Prater

The Great Conjunction: The Legacy of The Dark Crystal will be a documentary on the effects of an incredibly powerful and artistic film in the lives of many people who were children when they discovered it and adults as it continues to inspire them today. The doc also aims to interview talent from the film, pulling the curtain back on the lesser known names who worked so hard to create a world of wonder.

"My whole life I've been a huge fan of Jim Henson's 'Muppets'. However, it wasn't until I was a teenager that I was introduced to 'The Dark Crystal' on VHS. Initially I was perplexed. I hadn't seen anything like it before, constantly waiting for a human character to show up on screen. I had seen Henson's work with 'The Muppets', 'Labyrinth', and his helping hand in projects such as the 'Star Wars' franchise. How had I missed this film? It wasn't until over a decade later, when I was approached by JM and Philip about helping create 'The Great Conjunction', that I reproached 'The Dark Crystal'. There's just something magical about the film; an innocence that just isn't captured in today's cinema. I knew I had to help shed light back onto this classic.”
-Kyle Murphey / producer

The team behind The Great Conjunction are offering unprecedented perks should you choose to pledge your support.

limited available perks
limited available perks

Check out their campaign and contribute. Be a part of history and film preservation.

The Great Conjunction: The Legacy of The Dark Crystal is not affiliated with The Jim Henson company.


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