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Skye Clark
...r theory, just as I can tell a lot of work went into this article (I can only imagine how deep you delve into the complete 15 chapter thesis) and I personally like some of your ideas, most would be a fanboy's wet-dream but that being said...the sheer scope of a story like this would warrant a trilogy of films just to tell this aspect, at best. The dots you've connected took place (in the comics) over multiple arcs and multiple titles and has so many twist and turns, there's no way the casual movie goer could follow, much less understand all or most of these subplots/plot-twists. Bats and Supes havent been thrown together just to set up a JL movie, having these two appear together serves another purpose...further broadening their veiwing audience. So, when you take a potentially overstuffed movie (we're constantly hearing of more cameos and introductions) and cram this into it as well...It's just...too much! Clearly, the Nolan-verse set the tone that carried over to MoS, a DCCU thats grttier and more grounded in reality but that's where it stops. The "V" in BvS doesn't secretly denote the fifth film in a huge franchise, it's nothing more than a clever shortening of the title...just as "Terminator 2: Judgement Day" is widely referred to as "T2"...we see it all the time (TDK, TDKR, AoU, MoS, etc...) Nolan's trilogy was wrapped up as neatly as possible and concluded HIS Batman story. It's clear that this is a fresh take on the characters and a new jumping off point for the next WB franchise..."The Justice League"! Even Snyder said, he's hears some theories and thinks to the hell did they get their hands on a script but....let'me keep talking and you'll eventually realize...they too are just taking stabs in the dark.

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