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It was bad enough that a hashtag broke out on Twitter when it was announced that a black man was a main character in the Star Wars franchise. Now someone has actually committed suicide over it! Actor John Boyega was initially just assumed to be a storm trooper when the trailer for the film premiered last year. Well, the trailer that was recently released proved that Boyega is in fact a main character and it's causing racist Star War fans to lose their damn minds!

The movement took on an even more disturbing tone because a man actually killed himself over the main character being black! If you think this is a satire on how bad racial relations are in America, think again. According to NewsWatch33, this is exactly what happened!

The wife of 53 year-old Bobby-Jo Garrison found him not breathing in a chair after overdosing on pills. The wife said she then noticed a suicide note beside him that read "Make American white again."

The note went on to clarify even more of the man's ridiculous thoughts:

If white people aren't wanted in Star Wars, then our money must not be either. I'm tired of seeing N****** taking over great white films. I can not live in a world being overran by Blacks. Sorry Sarah.

This guy was so serious about his racism that he killed himself over it. Authorities didn't not release the full contents of the letter, but said that it did express concerns that African-Americans are taking over America.

Suicide is never funny and always sad, but it's hard to feel bad for this guy who clearly was so racist he'd rather die than watch a black man have a lead role in Star Wars VII. While we're still waiting for reports to confirm whether this is just a cruel hoax or not, there is no denying that the BoycottStarWarsVII hashtag is very real, and very disturbing!

This is the year 2015 right?

*Update: The story has been confirmed to come from a satirical website. Although the suicide story may not be true, the is still a scary glimpse into the fact that racism is still alive and well.


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