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Waking up to a beautiful sunny morning is one of life’s great pleasures - everything that this picture is not.

A man woke up to find the hellish sight of a pair of hands pressing against his window - and he understandably panicked.

Surrounded by plastic sheeting, the image throws up instant memories for fans of TV show Dexter.

In that, the titular serial-killing character would prepare a ‘kill room’ using plastic sheeting before ending his victims in a suitably grisly fashion.

But even if you weren’t a Dexter fan, seeing pair of hands pressed up against your window in a dark room when you wake up is bound to give you a few nightmares.

Fortunately for Reddit user DJ-spetznasty, who posted the picture online, things were not as sinister as he first thought.

The answer lies in the caption for the picture, which read: “I live on the second story and a painter made me almost c*** my pants when i woke up this morning.”


That’s right, thankfully it was just a painter going about his day - scaring the living daylights out of residents.

The image, also posted on Imgur, has since gone viral, amassing over one million views.

Some commenters on the picture blasted the painter for setting up unannounced - especially as residents may not be prepared.

One wrote: Dude you need curtains, what if you were there with a girl and she likes sleeping naked?”

Another added: “Real creepy thing is, how long was he watching you before you woke up.”

However, one worker defended a fellow painter’s actions, writing: “Painter here, nothing creepy about this photo, and the painter more than likely couldn’t have even seen in due to glass glare.”

Innocent or not - that is one sight we NEVER want to wake up to.


I saw this on when i woke up today and had to share it on here. Here is the link.


Would you freak out if you saw thins in the window?


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