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By now, most of us have seen the trailer for [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158) more than once. Hours worth of reaction videos have stocked up on YouTube, and tickets to the film were in such high demand last night that fans repeatedly crashed sites like Fandango in their rush to grab spots for opening night.

But now that the madness of ticket sales has subdued, fans have more time to pick apart the trailer and discover new mysteries within it. So far, they've discovered two particularly interesting moments that indicate the presence of a possibly dangerous new foe.

Our first look at Maz Kanata's pirate palace featured a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment where the Mythosaur symbol of the Mandalorian people flew amongst the banners of several others. A Mando presence in a pirate hideout isn't all that surprising, so at first, this seemed like an interesting nod to a fan favorite bounty hunter, Boba Fett.

But then, we see flashes of Kylo Ren's squad, who many believe are the Knights of Ren that J.J. Abrams mentioned at San Diego Comic-Con this past summer. But if you look closer, you'll notice their armor varies - and one specific helmet stands out.

With their cape flowing in the storm, this possible Mandalorian—or, perhaps, someone who stole the armor off of a dead one—suggests that the Knights of Ren might accept all sorts of talent, among several other things. Does this person have anything to do with the banner we saw? What role do they play in Kylo Ren's posse?

More importantly: is this newcomer, as a nod to a character that fans refuse to give up on, related to Boba Fett in any way? In the new Star Wars: Aftermath canon novel, the armor of what many assume to be Boba Fett is mentioned as follows:

It ends up in the possession of Cobb Vance, a local Sheriff on Tatooine, who uses his own personal means of threatening force to obtain it. What happened to it after is a mystery, and it's not exactly clear that the armor we're seeing even belonged to Fett in the first place, but it's an interesting bit of information to keep in mind.

Time will tell whether or not any other hints are dropped, but it looks like this trailer is the only new footage we're getting before the film's release. Until then, may the Force be with your fan theories, always.


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