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Three years ago, my friend and I were home alone at her house because her parents were at work and her brother was at a friend's house. We decided to go to the park, but two guys in a truck that said 'BIG RED' kept following us. We decided to head home and wait for her parents to get back. While she was in the bathroom (which is by the stairs) these guys pulled into her yard. One guy came and knocked on the door. "I know your in there. Open up!" He said. I walked over to the bathroom door and whispered. "What are we gonna do?" My friend whispered back. "Get the phone and threaten to call the cops." I walked into the living room and got the phone. As I was coming back, I saw one of the two guys trying to open the door. "Unlock the door!" He yelled. My friend's dogs started to bark. "I've got the phone and I'll call the cops" I threatened. "We've also got two dogs in here." It got silent for a minute before the other guy said. "Check the front door, see if it's unlocked." I froze in horror as I realized we didn't lock the front door. I quickly ran to the other door and locked it, along with it's deadbolt. A few seconds later the two guys pulled out of the driveway and left, only for Alyssa's mom to come into the driveway a minute later. They somehow knew her schedule. We didn't tell her mom about it, and we've never seen them again. We were 10 at the time, and sometimes we still think, what would have happened had I not gotten to the door in time?


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