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Writing on his website GadgetZZ, tech writer Johny Krahbichler has made some startling claims about an eerie video sent to him in the mail, allegedly from Poland. It wasn't long until it took hold of the internet and that's when things really got weird...

It all started when Johny Krahbichler claimed he’d received a package containing a strange CD with some form of message/code scribbled on its surface.

Upon playing the CD on his computer, a strange video played featuring a black cloaked figure in what appears to be an old Venetian doctor mask, doing... things. With weird imagery, a disorientating soundtrack, and bizarre flashing images, hundreds of people took to the web to decipher the cryptic video.

It wasn't long until our friends at Reddit started up a thread thanks to GadgetZZ, and that's when things start to seriously get weird...

Using spectrograms and analyzing the sound frequencies, imagery and subtle patterns within the video, the Reddit community quickly put together piece by piece what could be a masterclass of marketing by a PR company, a hoax piece of art or the work of a killer.

Posted to YouTube by AETBX way back in May (he also claims to have received it in the post), the video’s title was posted in binary translating to ‘muerte,’ which is Spanish for 'death.' Underneath that code in the description is more binary, which allegedly translates to ‘You have 1 year or less.

Before we go further... I must stress, things get very NSFW and get into the deep dark corners of the web. Those with a nervous disposition, look away now!

Things first start getting weird when Reddit user M4nic_H3dgehog noticed this code in the video...


Once decoded, it reads as follows:

2d 37 37 2e 30 33 36 35 34 33
The White House, W Executive Ave NW, Washington, DC 20502

Coordinates to the White House... This inclusion in the video becomes even more eerie when another code was cracked to read "REDLIPSLIKETENTH" an anagram for "KILLTHEPRESIDENT."

M4nic_H3dgehog then put the video into a spectrogram which really terrified the internet... the results are not just chilling, but gruesome... Below is the first image from the spectrogram, which appears to show an image reading 'You are already dead' beside a screaming woman.

Other images appear to show a woman being tortured and acts of mutilation. If you want to see that (why would you?!), M4nic_H3dgehog posted an album to imgur of his findings.

Double Nope.
Double Nope.

Many are pointing towards the upcoming cinema adaption of Dan Brown's Inferno as a possible suspect for the video, with a sequence in the book mirroring (at least in part) the portrayal of the video.

On the wall, a shadow appeared ... the shadow of a man ... standing in the cavern. But the man's head was misshapen ... badly. Instead of a nose, the man had a long beak ... as if he were half bird. (The Plague Mask outfit.) When he spoke, his voice was muffled ... and he spoke with an eerie eloquence ... a measured cadence ... as if he were the narrator in some kind of classical chorus.

However, reddit user TNNRR is less than convinced.

Triple Nope.
Triple Nope.

Whatever it may be, all I know is it's accomplished one thing, and that's terrifying the Internet. Which in reality, is no easy task. As fate would have it, this story is breaking just in time for Halloween. How apt.

The Reddit thread is still developing, and you can follow it all HERE... If you dare...

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