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Bill Murray is contractually obligated to promote Rock The Kasbah, but you better believe that he is going to do it on his own terms. That means he is going to prove, once again, that he is genuinely one of the best PR tools any film could ever ask for.

He recently went to Jimmy Kimmel Live in Brooklyn (of course Bill Murray hangs out in Brooklyn) to kick off the new special show location. Obviously, he came wearing ridiculous garb as he's often known to do. Greatness ensued.

He had this to say about his Chicago Cubs losing to the New York Mets and his failed superstition rituals:

"I think we would have won, it's just that I was wearing too many layers."

He also had some stuff to say about Netflix that could ruffle a few feathers. He doesn't watch it, apparently. Bill Murray doesn't Netflix and Chill? Damn.

"I've never seen Netflix in my life, I don't know how to get it. It's unfortunate that I'll never see the show!"


(Via: THR)


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