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2015 is a pretty big year for Back to the Future and today especially (Oct. 21, 2015) because it's Back to the Future Day! Yes, today is the day to which Marty (Michael J. Fox) and Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) traveled from 1985 to the "future" of Hill Valley.

So there haven't been as many advancements as the movie promised us. We don't have flying cars, self drying clothes or rehydratable we're short a few Jaws sequels (let's get on that Mr. Spielberg)...but word is we do have hover boards now and last I checked someone was developing power laces for shoes. So that's a win!

Oh yeah...and the Cubs haven't been doing that bad this year...

Cubs are supposed to win the Series after all...
Cubs are supposed to win the Series after all...

So with it being Back to the Future Day and all that (assuming you're reading this on Oct. 21 that is...if not, then jump into your Delorean and hop back a few days...weeks...whatever...) I feel it's as good a time as any to propose a new installment to the Back to the Future mythos.

And no, I'm not proposing a fourth movie. There really isn't any more to tell, per se, in the Marty McFly/Doc Brown adventure. That was a sufficient open and shut trilogy and should remain as such. And no I'm not proposing a remake of any kind either.

You may recall at the end of Back to the Future III that Doc Brown (Lloyd), his new wife Clara Clayton (Mary Steenburgen) and their sons Jules and Verne went off on a voyage through time in their new steam engine time machine.

So with that, I hereby (and quite unofficially) pitch my concept for a new TV series called...

THE BROWNS (tentatively titled)

And no, before the fan outrage starts griping and moaning, it's not going to be about Doc, Clara and the boys traveling through time on a family vacation. In fact, it would feature Doc and Clara being kidnapped by an unknown time traveling adversary – their steam engine time machine being irreparably destroyed – and dropped off in some unknown point in time.

Which would then bring us to an all grown up Jules Brown and Verne Brown. In order to get their parents back, Jules and Verne must develop their own time machine (per Doc Brown's "In Case of Emergency" specs) and begin a search through time – both past, present and future – to try and get their parents back.

However, each time the two young men jump into a new point in time, they cause a ripple effect that creates drastic changes to the timeline and they have to fix the problems they caused before they can move on to a different point in time to continue their search.

I like to think of it as Supernatural meets Quantum Leap with all of the comedic flare and nostalgia of the original three films. Two brothers travel in a cool car looking for their parents (Supernatural) only instead of traveling the landscape of America they are traveling the timescape, while also needing to fix problems and peoples' lives before they can move on (Quantum Leap).

Perhaps even in the pilot they could attempt to recruit the help of (or at least run into) Marty McFly (Special Guest Star Michael J. Fox) – whom has become quite disillusioned upon realizing his own meddling adventures in time have made it to where his life hasn't quite turned out the way he thought it would. Which would also help explain why 2015 in reality didn't look much like it did when he went there in the Delorean. It has caused him to mellow out a little and become less adventurous...however he does suggest that the boys take his hover board, stating that they'll need it. To which Verne (or doesn't matter) would smirk and reply, "we have our own."

What? You do?
What? You do?

I feel like this concept would succeed on any platform, whether it be network television or a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu. Not only would it open up the world of Back to the Future for older fans to embrace, but it would help introduce a whole new generation to the misguided adventures of wild-eyed scientists and punk kids.

So what say you, Mr. Spielberg? Mr. Zemeckis? How about you – the fans? Would you watch The Browns (tentative title...perhaps Browns to the Future?) if it were developed as a TV series? If so, then let's get this article trending and show the producers that we mean business. I may be a humble internet writer but I sincerely think I have a strong idea here. What's that old saying about what I lack in experience I make up for in passion? I would love to see something like this be given a chance. Sound off with me if you agree.

And don't forget to follow me on Twitter (@ThisIsJamesT) for all things rant and ravey...or, you know...if you want to talk to me about developing this series.


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