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Jennifer Lawrence storms into the Capitol as Katniss Everdeen to liberate all of Panem, but can she survive!?

T-minus one month until the last chapter of The Hunger Games blasts into theaters, and there is NO doubt this will be the most astonishing film of the series! Hunger Games series fansites exclusively premiered two new TV trailers for Mockingjay Part 2 today for the 1 month to Mockingjay celebration, and both teasers have some seriously awesome new footage!

In The Final Battle, President Coin touts how Katniss has turned a nation of slaves into an army as we see Katniss and Squad 451 blasting their way through the Capitol. In the most heart wrenching moment, Finnick O'Dair screams Katniss' name as he battles the flesh eating mutts. I AM NOT OK!

In Her Story, we relive some of Katniss' most defining moments through the films before we are shrouded in new shots of hijacked Peeta attacking a Squad 451 member, of Natalie Dormer as Cressida blowing the flesh eating mutts to pieces, and of Katniss fighting hand to hand with a peacekeeper desperately trying to survive. The best part? JOHANNA MASON SPEAKS finally! After Katniss declares they can take down the Capitol, Johanna fires back Now you're talkin. Oh, and I am even MORE not OK now!

Watch the two new teasers below!

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