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When you least expect it, you come across shows that you really connect with or that really play towards what you love. I’m a huge fan of different mythologies. I love the Greek mythology, but I also love the mythology surrounding Camelot. I haven’t seen many things that portray Camelot well. The movie King Arthur with Clive Owen and Kiera Knightly wasn’t the greatest. The not so new ABC show Once Upon A Time is making their own spin on the legend. However, I have to say that my favorite version of the story of King Arthur has to be the BBC America show Merlin.

The TV show Merlin expressed the legend in a way that was very unique, yet very entertaining. The show focused on a young boy named Merlin and his life as a young wizard. The show spanned five seasons and each episode was a breathtaking new adventure that showed how involved Merlin was in keeping Arthur alive. Not only did the show focus on that, but it touched on how Camelot was before Arthur even became king. Fans call the relationship between Arthur and Merlin a bromance because of how close they were.

Bradley James as Arthur and Colin Morgan as Merlin
Bradley James as Arthur and Colin Morgan as Merlin

The dialogue between Arthur and Merlin was strongly sarcastic and witty, which pulled the audience in quickly. The purpose of the show wasn’t to show how Arthur became king though, it was to explain how Merlin learned his magic and became the wizard of legend that he is. At the end of the fifth season, the show ended amicably, but also a little open which is why I believe that Merlin should be considered for a new modern day spin because the story of King Arthur was not yet complete. According to Kilgharrah, the Great Dragon within the series, Arthur would rise again.

When I watched the ending of the BBC series it did leave a gaping hole in many fans hearts. Of course, there could be another way to continue the story of the Arthurian legend to where it may be easier to get to that modern day sequel. Not only did the series end with heartbreak, it also ended with a story that had many different ways that could be told. The story of Guinevere, Queen of Camelot, is a story that I would love to see unfold on the small screen.

Which would you rather see? A modern day sequel or a spin-off series about Guinevere, Queen of Camelot? There are many different ways to spin the Arthurian legend. Which would you choose?


Would you rather see a modern day sequel or a spin off about Queen Guinevere?


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