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Catrina Dennis

For former (and current) marching band members, there's something about the roll of the percussion and the rise of a trombone that reminds us so directly of a feeling we love: a bright spring day on the football field, playing fun pop music to entertain the crowd at halftime. But now, another brand of fandom has folded into the legacy of band nerds: the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

During their game against their rival school, Michigan State University's Spartan marching band decided to show off their special brand of fandom with a creative medley that salutes the greats. Check it out:

As someone who originally joined marching band for the sole purpose of eventually learning how to play the Star Wars theme, I commend the amazing young talents in this band and the fun medley that they composed to celebrate one of the coolest film universes out there. Go, Spartans!


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