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I'm just gonna reveal it now, I think this film is amazing and it should be seen by everyone, even if you don't like horror films.

Brief Spoiler Free Summary

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David Kessler, and American college student gets attacked alongside his friend Jack Goodman in North York Moors. However David is the only one who survives the attack and quickly realizes that the creature that attacked them was a werewolf and now he's a werewolf. He must now figure out a way to either live with the curse or get rid of it. I can't say too much or it'll give away some of the stuff in the film.

The Characters

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David Naughton ("Midnight Madness", "Ice Cream Man", "Wild Cactus", etc) plays David Kessler aka the werewolf. Throughout the film David must decide on one decision that will change his life, what that decision is I can't tell you because spoilers. So really there isn't much to say besides David does a damn good job portraying...David.

Griffin Dunne ("Last Night", "Big Girls Don't Cry...They Get Even", and "The Big Blue", etc) plays Jack Goodman and he is easily the best character in this film. His dark sense of humor along with his desperation to help make David make the decision really makes every scene with him enjoyable.

Jenny Agutter ("Captain America: The Winter Soldier", "The Eagle Has Landed", "Logan's Run", etc) plays Alex Price, the love interest and main female character of the film. Jenny does a damn good job portraying the nurse and unlike many love interests in horror films, you actually feel for the character and feel bad for the things that happen to her.

The Special Effects

The special effects in this film are amazing. That's it. That's really all I can say. Just watch the video above and it'll prove how amazing they are. To this day I haven't seen such an amazing special effects without the use of CGI and even then this scene still proves that practical effects beat CGI any day...most days. Most of the time.

The Cons

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Nothing. I can honestly say, nothing in this film hurt the film in any way, shape or form. This film is the best werewolf film ever made, one of the best monster films ever made and one of the best horror films ever made. I can't think of anything that's wrong.

The Verdict

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See this movie. Rent it, buy it, borrow it from a friend, just see this movie! This film is one of my favorite films of all time and everyone needs to experiance this blend of horror and comedy. The film is kinda like "Teen Wolf" in the fact that both focus on people unwillingly becoming werewolves and it's a horror/comedy blend. Although this film is much darker then "Teen Wolf" and "Teen Wolf" is more of a never mind this film is nothing like "Teen Wolf". Regardless, see this film.

Thanks for reading and a HUGE thanks for over 9,000 reads on my slasher villain list blog and over 4,000 engagements on it...which I presume are shares on Twitter or Facebook. I don't know if that's true but regardless thank you. Next time I'll be doing a blog discussing some of my favorite underrated Halloween films.


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