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Audiences everywhere fell in love with Despicable Me in 2010, but even with so many likable characters, Gru's Minions took the world by storm. This year there was even a standalone movie dedicated to the little yellow dudes, and, of course, plenty of merchandise to accompany it.

Illumination Entertainment
Illumination Entertainment

Sam Finan and Bob Thomas were two of the people who found themselves enraptured by the Minions. With their shared love of the Minions in mind, this couple decided that their nuptials, which took place this summer, should be themed accordingly.

Illumination Entertainment
Illumination Entertainment

The bridal party

Bridesmaids and groomsmen wore yellow and blue to match the Minions' skin tone and distinctive denim overalls.

When talking to the BBC, Finan said that not all of the guests quite understood the theme at first, but it suited them just fine:

"All the guests think we are bonkers but it's our sense of humor.
We were sat out the back, talking about themes and it just came up in conversation. We had a laugh about it."

The cake

Of course, the desserts had to match the theme. The yellow cake with married Minion toppers is an adorable touch. Initially, it was just going to be the cake, but slowly the theme kept building into other aspects of the wedding:

"At first it was just going to be the cake. Then it was cuff links. Then the place cards. It has got a little out of hand."

The table settings

What would a Minion wedding be without some fun Minion masks for your guests?

While a Minion-themed wedding might not be what you'd choose for your special day, it seems like these two and all of their guests had a great time. In the end, that's all that really matters!

Illumination Entertainment
Illumination Entertainment

(Source: BBC, Imgur)


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