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Great Scott! The day Back to the Future fans have been waiting for is here -- October 21, the day Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel back to Hill Valley in the year 2015! In celebration of the anticipated day, many theaters across the country are playing all films in the beloved trilogy. There are also plenty of other ways you can enjoy this iconic day, such as:

  • Take a spin around town on your hoverboard
  • Break out the food hydrator and Pepsi Perfect for the perfect BTTF inspired meal
  • Host your own Enchantment Under the Sea Dance
  • Hang out with your favorite scientist friend and build a time machine out of a DeLorean
  • Make a guy named Biff wax your car

Okay, so a few of these are nearly impossible because some items/technology don’t exist... yet! I’m talking to you, Mattel! But maybe you would like to add some items to your collection or buy something for a fellow BTTF superfan. Here is a list of awesome items you can buy from Entertainment Earth that any movie lover will enjoy:

1. Flux Capacitor

Jumpin jigawatts is right! You can now own a replica of the infamous Flux Capacitor a.k.a. “what makes time travel possible.” 16 inches tall x 11 inches wide with “enhanced film accuracy and improved lighting design.” A must have for all collectors! Previous models have sold out, so it is back by popular demand, order it here priced at $339.99.

2. Mr. Fusion

If you have run out of plutonium, look for the Mr. Fusion movie replica. Introduced in Back to the Future II, Doc explains to Marty the converted coffee maker turns garbage into 1.21 jigawatts of energy to power the flux capacitor in the DeLorean for time travel, find it here priced at $369.99.

3. OUTATIME License Plate

For someone not ready to break the bank on the previous items, check out this OUTATIME License Plate Replica, perfect for display and wall mounting and only priced at $28.99. Get it fast, it is currently a bestseller!

4. DeLorean EE Exclusive

Be sure to get your hands on this Back To The Future II DeLorean EE Exclusive. The model is extremely detailed, features lights and sounds, moving doors, and includes an exclusive “flight mode.” Comes out February, 2016 but it is a limited edition so don’t wait, pre-order now!

5. Marty's Hat

While you're waiting for your self-lacing Nikes and self-drying jacket, wear your pockets on the outside of your pants and get Marty’s hat from Back to the Future II. Wearable prop and one-size-fits-all, get yours for $21.99.

6. Miniature Hoverboard Track

So there aren't hoverboards widely available like the movie predicted, but you can get your hands on this Miniature Hoverboard Track. Powered by magnets the, hoverboard oscillates back and forth along the track and is available on a 6-inch ($49.99) and a 12-inch track ($99.99). Important to add that they're officially licensed Back to the Future collectibles!

7. Back to the Future Monopoly

If you're not alone with your BTTF love, then grab your friends and play this awesome Back to the Future Monopoly. Designed to look like a case of plutonium, fight over metal game pieces of the time machine, Einstein the dog, the cowboy hat, the futuristic sneaker, the hoverboard, and the famous Hill Valley clock. Order here for $39.99!

Perfect items for your own holiday wish list or to surprise a loved one, grab them before they're gone! Note that some products might be "temporarily out of stock" but you can still order for when they get a new shipment. Don’t be a butthead, the day only comes once so why not splurge?

Source: Entertainment Earth


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