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Breaking out from Zero Dark Thirty as a CIA analyst in 2012 to a disappearing women in The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby, Jessica Chastain has a played number of interesting characters. Most recently, we've been seeing Ms.Chastain in bold roles such as playing, Lady Lucielle Sharpe, in Guillermo Del Toro's new gothic-romance Crimson Peak, and Melissa Lewis, the mission commander in Ridley Scott's new film The Martian.

Chastain recently spoke with Huffington post about choosing roles that would inspire young girls today. She hopes that young girls who go see The Martian are inspired by her role or by the roles of other women within the world of film and television. Chastain tells host Alex Miranda:

"I have to be careful when I'm choosing roles. I want little girls to watch 'The Martian' and say, 'I want to be the commander of a mission to Mars,' 'I want to be in this movie,' and [to see] that actually, it's OK -- you can have these desires to be a writer and fall in love and do all this, and you can actually save yourself."

The Martian star recalls a moment when she revived a text from co-star Aksel Hennie, whose daughter "likes to skate and climbs trees" but has trouble because women aren't represented as strong or independent in the storytelling world. But the 10-year old turned to her father when they saw the film, commenting on Chastain's role that she was tough and in awe. Chastain added during her conversation:

"That's what I want in these movies, the more independent and free a woman is, I think those are the most inspiring stories for these little girls."

I do agree with what Jessica Chastain has to say on women being represented within the storytelling world. Most women are usually represented as a damsel in distress, always needing a man to save them and are never strong or independent. Let's all remember Viola Davis on her Emmy acceptance speech or Patricia Arquette's speech during the Oscars on women in the industry. I definitely do believe in inspirational roles for young women nowadays even if it's just being someone like Black Widow to a mission commander for a trip to NASA.

Check out Jessica Chastain's conversation with Huffinton Post here.


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