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In case you don't know what's going on in the musical theatre scene, a musical has taken it entirely by storm. This musical is Hamilton, named by the very same man on the ten dollar bill. It follows an interesting take on the American Revolution and the life of Alexander Hamilton, who went on to be one of the promoters of the US Constitution.

The Musical asks one question: How can a penniless immigrant from the Caribbean, abandoned by his father at age ten, who watched his mother die when he was 12 and his town destroyed by a hurricane at age 17, use the power of his writing and idealism to become a man who shaped a nation? And well...

It has some glorious music

Imagine a song being sung by King George III as a break up song between the colonies and Mother Britain (HINT, YOU'RE LISTENING TO IT). Seriously, these songs are the catchiest I've ever heard from a musical in a while. Oh, and did I mention a large portion of it is rap? It's rap about history that's not Schoolhouse Rock!

Mainly POC Cast

A large majority of the cast is played by people of color. This is because the director of the musical wanted to tell 'an immigrants story through today's immigrants'. The show also put white people in the role of slaves throughout the story, eliminating their background and making it so the majority can understand exactly how slavery and history was. It removes all racist subtext (well, at least white on black racism).

Historical Accuracy

There's a ton of historical accuracy that's not just through the revolution either. It continued on to Hamilton drafting the US. Constitution, and his untimely death at the hands of his friend/political nemesis, Aaron Burr. It also shows the debates within the cabinet as rap battles, which they would have been if they knew how to rap.


Unfortunately, Hamilton is only available on Broadway in New York. I have hopes that it will get a tour however. It all depends on how many awards it wins, because if it wins a lot of awards, it will most definitely get a tour. But on the bright side, the soundtrack is available on spotify.


What do you think? Are you interested in seeing the musical about the founding father (without a father)?


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