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You are sitting in a theater and the lights dim down. The chatter of eager viewers begins to diminish till it is nearly silent. The trailers begin to play. You and your friends all hope to get a glimpse of the up-coming most highly anticipated films. After the first preview ends. It was disappointing, you think it looks awful.Your friend leans over and says, "That looks GREAT!!!"

We have all been there, and there are lots of different reasons why these opinions may vary. But I want to focus on the leading actor! There are a host of actors that people just tend to like, even if they are repeatedly in a lot of crappy movies or mostly crappy movies. Why do we like them?... Who knows.

Keep in mind this is a list of the first 5 that came to my mind. there are probably more and this is not in any specific order. These actors are so likable that despite there poor choice of films to star in, they are still widely loved. And somehow their name is untainted from crappy movies, meaning they still add some sort of merit to the films they star in.

5. Jack Black

In my opinion Jack Black has probably as many good movies as he has bad. But his greatness in his good films highly outweighs that of his bad. Another likable attribute is that he does small cameos in movies and tv shows. He is not so self absorbed that he has to be the star of everything he does. But as I said he has a ton of dumb movies. But every time I see a preview for a movie with him in it, I instantly want to see it.

4. Mark Wahlberg

Another actor who might have some good movies to help compensate the bad. but there aren't many "great" movies he is in. There are a few, but not many. Even so when I saw the trailer for Transformers 4 instantly people were telling me he was going to redeem the transformers movies! I don't think so. but People like him.

3. Jennifer aniston

The never aging Jennifer Aniston, apart from being easy on the eyes, friends sure helped america to fall in love with Jennifer Aniston. But Name one movie she has been in since then that was "great" maybe one or two "good" ones but nothing "great". In fact Friends is only "good", not great. In my opinion she may have never been "great" in anything. But we still like her

2. Jim Carry

The Hilarious Jim Carry. Surprisingly not very funny lately. His early career he had some undeniable classics. And not only funny movies he had a couple serious roles that showed us his acting skills can be great. But alas, as of late we have had to put up with a lot of underwhelming comedies with empty characters, forced jokes, and plain bad movies. But we still like him!

1. Dwayne Johnson

Similar to Jennifer Aniston, I can't think of a great film with Dwayne. The only thing I can say about him is that he shines in his comedy roles. Much better there. Other than that I don't know why but I like him, you like him, but we don't like many of his movies.


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