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Catrina Dennis

While "heartwarming Joker moment" may not be the type of phrase that your standard pop culture enthusiast has ever anticipated they'd write, it's hard to deny that this recent twitter exchange between Mark Hamill and Gotham's Cameron Monaghan was anything but heartwarming.

Hamill, the man who has brought the Joker to life for decades, decided to tweet a response to Monaghan's most recent performance in Gotham—and it was anything but sinister.

Of course, Monaghan replied, very clearly struggling with the inner fan flailing that any of us might deal with in this situation:

Then, in a rather poetic way, Hamill gave his final nod of approval to Monaghan, and asked for more.

While it's unclear whether or not Monaghan will return to Gotham, this "passing of the torch" is definitely making the wait a little more bearable.


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