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An emotional rollercoaster in just two episodes. The Flash is back with more power and more worlds.

Not understanding the scientific specifications of a singularity; it was with the second episode of The Flash Season 2 that the fangirl within me really got hyped.

Admittedly disappointed with the season opener; mainly because the drama one experiences in Grey’s Anatomy, was absent in the realm of ‘the impossible’, closing the singularity - for the most part - seemed all too possible in the Flash. To add to the disheartened sighs, we lost ourselves one-half of Firestorm (to the x-files revival) which made me start calling Caitlin; Killer Frost already.

In a possible, and intentional misdirect, the Flash was vague - and therefore, disappointing in what seemed to be the start of case-of-the-week episodes— in its season opener.

In its redemption - still appreciating the finality in freeing Henry Allen, but dismayed at his seemingly redundant reasons for leaving, and the possibility of Harrison Wells only being a special guest star - episode 2 was really where our answers (and my fan theories) were at.

“Flash of Two Worlds” features a term widely known across the comic book universe; Earth 2. With a body to accompany the silver kettle helmet, we welcome both Jay Garrick, and more Lightning bolt emblems, to the Flash.

To Barry’s utter disbelief at not being ‘the one’, and mistrust at the thought of someone else using their speed for good, the scientist within is absent. Stepping in, Jay Garrick is also a scientist and a poignant equivalent to Barry’s ‘good heart vs fast legs’ in saving the day, in both Earth 2 and, Earth 1.

Not to be forgotten is Cisco. Ignoring Stein; who tried, failed, and then passed out, like he gave no shits about further explaining Earth 2, the episodes narrative quickly moves on to a new threat for the season.

Cisco, whose fate; and more importantly, ethics, as Vibe is subtly introduced in last week’s episode, with a vision to help save new meta-human task force recruit; Patti, from a concussive bomb.

Introducing Patti Spivet
Introducing Patti Spivet

With a reluctance to both, reveal himself and, name himself to the team, followed by Stein’s ‘episode’, you can almost hear the menacing tone of Pseudo-wells’ foreshadowing speech, in Cisco’s mind.

Amongst theories to Season 1’s ending, episode 2 brings back theories of how Tom Cavanagh; who is quite obviously Zoom, and Harrison Wells, will become a permanent presence in the Flash. Or, in a narrative twist, Earth 2 Barry Allen is Zoom…ok? no? You know the comics better than I do.

With Zoom set on killing the Flash, or both Flashes, it seems only imminent that Tom Cavanagh is to appear as Wells again in Earth 1.

At the mention of the term Kismet - via Officer Patti Spivet - Wells; despite our hopes seems to be self-serving, and fated to become evil…unless Eobard Thawne is alive and well, and evil in Earth 2 also (and holding a kind hearted Wells hostage with Earth 2 Grodd).

Continuing with the theme of kismet, fate, and possibility, will last season’s vision of Killer Frost emerge not from Caitlin Snow but her alternate self? Perhaps Killer Frost will enter through the singularity breach?

In optimistic news, it seems likely that Robbie Amell will return to his half of Firestorm upon the wrap of the X-Files revival. If Jay Garrick can survive the singularity with a loosely fitting helmet, it is definitely plausible that the man who can merge his ‘self’ with another, is still alive and confused in Earth 2.

In other theories, the meta-humans of season 1; that didn’t occur from the blast of Earth 1, hint at a long-game that Zoom may have been playing under the red herring of a singularity.

With the Star Labs of Earth 2 a commercial success, Wells’ fate seems as secretive as ever; almost as secretive as being able to open up singularities; or time travel through universes, and not tell anyone.

As the season continues, I can only hope for more, and then some, of Jay Garrick. A new scientist mentor; especially if Wells is doomed, and a step in for gives-no-shits Henry Allen’s role as a father, is much needed with the loss of two poignant characters from season 1.

Jay Garrick? let's keep him.
Jay Garrick? let's keep him.

The step-in parent theme recurs in tonight’s new episode, not only with the return of Iris’s estranged Mother, but also with Captain Cold. Aka, Wentworth Miller, brings back parental-issues last seen in Prison Break, albeit it’s due to have more of a comical effect, that still hopes to cement a permanent place for Jay Garrick.

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