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Recently, Olivia Wilde shared an adorable picture of her son, Otis, wearing a bra on his little blonde head and it definitely met my daily dose of cuteness.

With the witty caption "Hey, bra." beneath the photo, clearly Olivia knows how to have a good laugh at her child's fashion faux pas. Plus, how great will a picture like this be when he grows up?

With parents like Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis, it goes without saying that little Otis will likely be quite the ladies man. But even at age one he's already familiar with wearing women's undergarments (even if they're just his mom's and he thinks it's a hat).

Wilde and Otis aren't the only cute parent/child celebrity pairs on Instagram. Here are a few more of our favorite famous moms who share cute and hilarious photos of their children with us:

Reese Witherspoon

Children: Ava, Tennessee, and Deacon

Reese Witherspoon's three children are essentially miniature and perfect versions of the actress. These tow-headed siblings will make your day.


Child: Blue Ivy

With Beyoncé as her mom and Jay Z as her dad, Blue might be one of the most famous kids ever. Her life as a 3-year-old is probably far more glamorous than my adult life will ever be.

Jessica Alba

Children: Honor and Haven

As an proponent for clean, healthy living, Jessica Alba oftentimes promotes her company, Honest, which she and her kids use in their everyday lives.

Kim Kardashian

Child: North

As one of social media's cutest children, North West broke the Internet even more so than her mother—and with just one pointed toe—after Halloween last year.

Hilary Duff

Child: Luca

Duff's Instagram also features her French bulldog puppy, Beau.

Busy Philips

Children: Birdie Leigh and Cricket Pearl

Busy Philips is a busy bee, but that doesn't stop her from spending plenty of quality time with her sweet two girls.

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