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Stephen Adamson

Being a professional wrestler was a legitimate goal of mine back in the '90s. As a growing lad, I thought there was going to be a future for me in the ring, but I thought wrong. There was no way I could be like my heroes, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and The Undertaker.

Little did I know that, a couple decades later, I would be covering two of my favorite wrestlers opening Raw.

See it for yourself below...

Stone Cold still looks amazing

Dude is still bad-ass af, wow...

I bet Stone Cold never envisioned a hashtag accompanying his entrance to Raw back when he was in his prime...oh well

The crowd is clearly feeling it

And then...

"He is the most iconic figure in the history of all sports entertainment"—Wow, not even close to an overstatement...the Undertaker is too real

Brb gotta lose my mind real quick...they really went old-school on this one.

Why did this happen, though?

Like all awesome things these days, this didn't happen without a purpose. Rather, Stone Cold Steve Austin was out here for PR reasons.

He was plugging his podcast and the fact that Brock Lesnar would be appearing as a guest. Um...morning commute, anyone? Sounds like gold.

All I know is, this is giving me flashbacks to Arnold Schwarzenegger and Stone Cold randomly getting into it in 1999.



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