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Not to long ago, we heard reports about Marvel's Infinity Wars having a budget of about $1 billion dollars!

I mean holy hell there's having a big budget, and just having an insane one. People were freaking out wondering what Marvel had in store for us. Now, it may seem DC is full of surprises as well.

According to a report from Latino Report, The upcoming team up movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, will have a whopping budget of about $410 million dollars! Which puts the movie on track to being the most expensive film ever shot.

Why such a large budget?

Well something like this is to be expected from a film of this caliber. Things like the big name cast members, practical sets, and the extended production schedule could have easily contributed to this. One can only the imagine the amount spent on costumes, and CGI effects as well.

What does this mean for the movie?

Well this means one thing really. If this movie bombs, that would be a painful shot to the chest for Warner Bros. and the upcoming DCEU. But let's face it, both Batman and Superman are very capable of raking in hundreds of millions of dollars on their own. So both of them together on the big screen for the first time, AND they're fighting? You better believe this movie will break or get really close to breaking $1 billion dollars.

It also means we can expect to see some really high end effects and props. Also, it makes one wonder, what about the actual Justice League film? It's only more heroes and most likely more destruction to have to pay for. Only time will tell.

Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed this article. Do you think BvS will have a $410 million budget? What about the Justice League films? Let me know in the comments, and follow for more content.


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