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The Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer exploded on to the scene and instantly became the hot topic. For months fans have been waiting in anticipation and the trailer truly lived up to expectations. About 5 months back when the second trailer was initially released we saw a few clips but didn't really get much info. If you haven't seen the trailer yet then you must check it out here:

The trailer definitely gave us a lot to speculate about, but the one theory that I think was supported greatly by the trailer was the notion that one of the brand new protagonist, Rey, is actually the daughter of Han Solo and Leia. Not only was this theory supported, but it also possibly supports the idea of her actually having a brother, KYLO REN!

Wait, Kylo Ren and Rey are siblings?

While this is merely a theory, this new trailer provided some new sneak peaks that I think support the theory of not only Rey being a Solo, but Kylo Ren as well. In the comics, Han and Leia have 3 children, a boy named Anakin and a pair of twins named Jacen and Jaina Solo. The daughter, Jaina, used her force powers for good while the son, Jacen, turned to the dark side and eventually became known as Darth Caedus. This is an interesting theory that makes Rey and Kylo Ren seem like twins and there is a lot of evidence to support it!

Rey and Kylo are separated from their parents

In the comics, Jacen and Jaina are sent to separate planets after endless attempts to kidnap the siblings. We know that Rey is a scavenger on the planer of Jakku and Ren's role is unclear as of now. The two are sent to these planets along with droids to protect them (In Rey's case, BB-8). Just because the two aren't with Han and Leia does not mean that they are not siblings, and if they truly are Jacen and Jaina Solo then if they follow the comics it makes sense. This would also explain why Rey looked extremely nervous when she saw the fallen ship dropping from the sky.

Rey is keen on keeping her identity a secret

One of the more interesting things that I noticed about the trailer is a woman asked Rey who she was and she responded with "I'm no one". Could that possibly reveal that Rey is trying to hide a secret identity of some sorts? When you are the daughter of Han and Leia Solo you can't go around revealing who you truly are, especially when you were sent away for your protection. I do not believe that Lucasfilms put this bit of dialogue in the trailer for no reason, it clearly has meaning.

Kylo Ren's Mission is similar to Jacen's

In the books, Jacen believes his grandfather Anakin Skywalker a.k.a Darth Vader, was a good man who committed justifiable actions. He blindly believed his grandfather did what was necessary to protect Padme and was a man of honor. He shares these thoughts with his Uncle Luke Skywalker on multiple occasions. In the new trailer, Kylo Ren is seen speaking to the mangled helmet of Darth Vader uttering the phrase "I will finish what you started". These actions are very similar to those of Jacen and oddly enough, Jacen referred to the Galactic Alliance as the New Order, while Kylo Refers to it as the First Order, is that merely a coincidence?

Is that why Han and Leia looked so worried?

We finally got our first look at Leia in action! While it was very brief, the short clip that we saw possibly revealed a lot. With Rey scavenging on another planet, and having your son go to the dark side as the next incarnation of Darth Vader, who wouldn't be scared? I don't have any children, but I can only imagine just how crushing that must be as parent. We all know how vile (yet badass) Darth Vader was, so I'm sure that Han and Leia would want much better for their son than what has become of him.

Rey and Kylo Ren face-off in the new poster!

This may be mere artistic coincidence but if you look the poster, Rey is seen, staff in hand which is lined up side by side with Kylo Ren's lightsaber. It could be a metaphor for Rey being the only thing standing between Kylo Ren and the rest of the galaxy. This is a very interesting fact to look at, especially if you are keen on the comic universe, this is very interesting.

At the end of the day, Star Wars is all about the Skywalkers!

Star Wars has always revolved around the Skywalkers, at least cinematically speaking. If they are going to be using certain ideas from the comics and implementing them into The Force Awakens' story then I think it is very possible that Kylo Ren and Rey could be siblings much like Jacen and Jaina Solo. The original trilogy focused on Luke, the prequels on Anakin, so why not have these films focus on the next generation of Skywalkers? It all makes sense and I think the force is very strong with this theory!


Do you think that Rey and Kylo Ren are siblings?

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