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Jennifer Pesant

From the beginning, Derek was my favourite. I must say, the man behind him -Patrick Dempsey - took acting to a next level. From the beginning, I knew he would be my favourite. It all started with good looks, really nice sparkly eyes and a smile that no one can describe. You begin by seeing Derek as the ideal guy, the one you dream about your whole life and there goes McDreamy. You get attached to this fictional character who seems perfect - a brilliant neurosurgeon, a guy who's not afraid to love, a guy with a thing for ferry boats, a guy with the sentence you'd like to say if you were a surgeon, a guy who looks at the woman he loves like every woman wants to be looked at - but then, you see his flaws and you think ''that's it, they're breaking the perfect character I fell in love with'' but this is still wrong, because seeing him vulnerable and flawed, well it makes you like the character even more, you see him as a real human being. And it goes on and on, seeing him being the ''not perfect'' perfect guy. So, killing him off after all this time, it really got to me. I know, he's not ''real''. But he was, in a way, for me. Derek Shepherd existed in a time frame of my life. He was real. Weekly, I would come to him and watch him being extraordinary, or ordinary or even messed up, but I didn't care, because I was seeing a human being I liked. Derek wasn't perfect, but that's what made me emotionally attached to his character. He will be missed. And I don't know if I'll ever move on from this.

As for what happened on Grey's last Thursday, I want to know what you guys think will happen?

Will we get closure?


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