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Warning for the UK!

Well now that I have had a chance to stream this week’s episode of Gotham, I have my thoughts on it. “Warning for the UK” is my personal spoiler tag, so stop reading now if you haven’t seen it yet; and if you have been following my posts you will know that is an inside joke. Seriously, stream it. Don’t wait for it to get to Netflix, it is too good to wait for.

Here is what I think of Gotham S2 E5

1. The Family Dynamic

I will start off by saying that I thought they incorporated this twice within the episode, so i will talk about the Mafia first. If you have seen last week’s episode, you will know that Theo Galavan is holding Penguin’s mother hostage and using her to blackmail Penguin. If they keep his mentality similar to any of his previous renditions you just have to know this really ticks him off. I see this royally blowing up in Galavan’s face towards the end of the season. I think that it is important to do something like this though, since even Penguin admitted that it is affecting his sanity. It will also be interesting to see what his mother thinks of him if she survives this, considering he told her he was just a business man in season 1. On to my next family.

The Fireflies

I kind of like this take on them, having seen another version in Arrow. For all you purists, read the comics and see that they had a couple of people who said they were Firefly pop up. If they ever did try to connect these shows, most things like that could be explained. Bridget Pike is being abused by her kind of brother, and that causes her to get into the business to gain his acceptance. Then she figures out that she likes burning things for the fun of it. I think that this is a good way to explain her mental state and motivations. I personally can’t wait to see more of this character. Side note, it is kind of funny that the actress did not know she was auditioning for a villain role. And how to they get their toys?

2. Let’s Go Shopping

If anyone remembers The Flea from Season 1, I think that it is great they are showing us something like that again. The Merc, is just the kind of thing that I would expect to find in Gotham. Personally I hope so see more places like this as the series progresses. Getting into the underbelly of Gotham in exactly why I like reading the comics that I have gotten into. Best line for the new Comishiner so far is, “What the hell are you packin?” I hope we see more of that dark humor. Seriously though, putting C4 in your pants is just a bad idea.

3. Secrets Revealed.

Seriously, you will be really pissed at me if you don’t like spoilers and read this section. We get to see Galavan giving a relic of Gotham’s dark history to one of the guys in his organization. I liked how they used this to explain some of the backstory in the history that is getting Galavan to threated Wayne. This part of the story is also important for Penguin, since we get to see him making a connection, and learning information. Since, let’s face it that is what he basically does. And onto my final point

4. Warpath

At the end of the episode, there is an accident when they are trying to apprehend Firefly. This results in one of the Strike Force getting burned to death. You know the commissioner, so he is gunning for whoever did it. I could see Firefly becoming the “big bad” for this season since every cop now has her in their sights. I personally hope that we will get to see her fly eventually, so here is hoping. It is a progression though, and they did a good job of introducing her.

5. No Bruce

I am not one of those hyper critics, but I thought that it was good to take a break from Bruce’s storyline. Trying to fit it into this episode would have just made it feel a little disjointed. It is good that they are experimenting with this, but they did it in a non cheesy way. Let’s hope they keep that up, whenever they take a little break from Wayne’s journey.

You might have figured out I am a sucker for this show, but I liked the episode overall. They are really bringing all of the elements that we like about Gotham.

What do you think?


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