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This has taken quite a bit of thought before I could put into words this review of the Steve Jobs Movie starring Michael Fassbender. I fully admit to having a biased opinion since I was at the New York Film Festival to see the World Premiere and in attendance was the entire cast along with Director Danny Boyle and Screenplay writer Aaron Sorkin so this was a star studded event designed to wow the audience and believe me it did. I was so impressed that I went to see it a second time just last night and the performace from Fassbender definitely merits an oscar nomination and I would be extremely surprised if he wasn't. We already know quite a bit about Steve Jobs and his acheivements but this movie is not a straight forward biography of his life. This movie is set specifically around 3 major launches of his career. We begin with the introduction of the Macintosh then transition into the Next Computer system then end witht he unveiling of the IMac. This is a rapid fire, edge of your seat kind of script that works around the enormous pressure of the launch of these iconic innovations and if the lauches themselves are not enough to worry about we are introduced to the true personal issues and relationships that Jobs has created in his inner circle. We are introduced to what appears to be a workaholic with deep interpersonal issues that affect all the people close to him. Always at his side throughout the movie is Marketing Director and all around Personal Assistant Joanna Hoffman (Kate Winslett) who fields all issues through her before Jobs. She of course had a much bigger role with Apple than we see in the movie. She also wrote the "first draft of the Macintosh User Interface Guidelines. Hoffman would eventually run the International Marketing Team which brought the Mac to Europe and Asia She later followed Steve Jobs to NeXT, as one of its original members. In the movie we see her as his conscience and the one person who will stand up to him and was even one of the few who could successfully engage with Jobs. In both 1981 and 1982, she won a satirical award at Apple given to "the person who did the best job of standing up to" Jobs. I feel this movie was just as much her story as his in many ways and clearly Kate could easily get a best supporting actress nomination for her role. We begin with the first launch and Jobs dealing with the mother of his first child his daughter Lisa, who he claims is not his child but yet supports her throughout her life. We see her throughout the 3 launches and witness the growth of their relationship. We also see the relationships of the 3 main collegues he has surrounded himself with over his career. Steve Wozniak played by Seth Rogan who single-handedly developed the 1976 Apple I, the computer that launched Apple and primarily designed the 1977 Apple II. Andy Hertzfeld played by Michael Stuhlbarg.a member of the original Apple Macintosh development team during the 1980s. After buying an Apple II in January 1978, he went to work for Apple Computer from August 1979 until March 1984, where he was a designer for the Macintosh system software. John Sculley played by Jeff Daniels was Chief Executive officer of Apple Inc. beginning April 8, 1983, a position he held until leaving in 1993 and as he stated in the movie in the publics eye "the man that was responsible for firing Steve Jobs." This is an all star cast with a glimpse inside of a life we still seem to be fascinated by and well deserved since he did give us a computer to hold in our hands and change the world we live in. Ipods, Itunes and Iphones have made a legacy for Steve Jobs and where would we be without our phones? In interviews with the real people in the movie you will get varying accounts. Even reports that some of these scenes never happened and even the CEO of Apple speaking out in displeasure over the perception the movie gives Jobs. It takes a driven and focused man to create some of the most amazing things we use today and this movie answers a long question I have had myself for quite a while. When Steve Wozniak asks Steve "What do you do" and when he gets his answer, I get what Steve Jobs did. This is a must see and I predict will see a few Oscar nominations as well. Steve Jobs opens in theaters everywhere Friday October 23rd.


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