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Robin Shields

In my opinion, these first two episodes were all about the very well planned and violent Wolf attack on the Alexandria Safe Zone (ASZ) with some of the main character’s story line splashed in for good measure. For now, I am focusing on the Wolf attack.

In the first episode, Rick and the other members of the A teams are out going over the plan to deal with the walker hoard, when they discover they are out of time. The tractor trailer, which is the walker transport of choice for the Wolves, falls and the walkers are now getting out. Rick decides they have to deal with the situation IMMEDIATELY. Coincidence?

This episode starts with the tragic and horrific back story of Enid. Like many of the characters in the show, she is transformed by the circumstances. Her role in all of this is still to be determined.

In the meantime, the Wolves know the A team is out dealing with the walker hoard, so in goes what I think is the first wave to do as much damage as possible. They were brutal and vicious in their attacks. The first killing we see is the snarky, pasta making, smoker. Little do they know they just released the one remaining A team member, the cookie baking, bad ass. Additionally, there are a few of the B team that step up and show they are not only able to protect themselves, but help during the attack.

The Wolves use a truck and trailer to try and break through the ASZ barrier. Spencer shoots the driver who still hits the horn to attract the walker hoard back to Alexandria. Thank goodness Morgan arrives and turns off that damn horn, but was it in time to prevent attracting too many of the hoard?

Luckily, Carol gets to the armory before the Wolves. And, while she does most of the killing during the attack, Morgan, in his more pacifist beliefs, does get some information from a couple of the Wolves by having very brief conversations with them. The first with the Wolf who attacked Father Gabriel who says, “We are fraying you. It’s a trap. Humans aren’t supposed to be here anymore.” Then Carol shoots him. The other conversation happens while Morgan is trying to tell the five he is sparring with there are consequences for choosing this behavior when one of them says, “We didn’t choose.” Then they all leave. It would have been a good idea to keep one of the Wolves alive to interrogate, but maybe that is too close to FTWD.

In a nutshell, it would appear the Wolves have a none to benevolent puppet master. Who is their leader? Is it Negan? When will the next attack happen? Is Enid involved? What do you think?


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