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I love great characters, solid plots and an intriguing story line to pull me in. There's also nothing better than a visual medium that makes
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The most recent episode of Gravity Falls; Dipper and Mabel vs the Future. Was the most heart wrenching and spine chilling episode.
For me there were a couple of good moments of comedy especially the scene where Dipper presses the button in the bunker of the aliens, and it turns out it still works, and the button actually controls a door of sorts which so happens to be at a farm of that farmer from the carnival episode where we saw Blendin Blandin for the first time as well, and the farm(barn, actually), falls into that door and the farmer looks at the cow which so happens to be there, and goes "Carla did you eat my farm. It would have been okay, up to that point and I was actually thinking, man it would be funnier if the cow answered in her moo, and it did, and I laughed my head off.
I can't remember, a time when I laughed so hard, that I literally had to pause the video and just let it out. And of course the next few scenes involved Mabel and her struggle with seeing her childhood optimism slowly shrivel up and all she wanted was to have her brother by her side and just talk things out with her.
In this episode, I sided with Mabel more just because I could see where she was coming from and I identified with her more. But I definitely could see that Dipper actually did have a point and did try to talk to her about it but of course at that point it was a little too late.
For me this episode really captured the end of childhood as much as anything, because living in Malaysia, I don't really know much about summer vacation, but what I do know about it is that a lot of high school kids and junior high kids really look forward to it because it's a long holiday and I can identify with that because all school kids want long holidays anyways. And I also understand that summer is a place where memories are made and that's why in the first season, Mabel made it her goal to get at least some summer romances in or at least some memories with her brother,and the other part of her family which was of course their Great Uncle Stan.

A lot of people say that the third act is really the most heinous of Mabel and I don't agree really because, if you watch the episode closely, and I did, it's really about Mabel I mean, yeah she's friendly and could easily make friends with at high school but high school isn't a very friendly place, I mean look at it this way like she technically only has her brother because they were so close to begin with. And yeah a lot of people draw the comparison to Stan and his brother Ford, but the thing about it is, that's the problem. I mean look at it this way, like the younger sibling always knows like yeah this is someone I should look up to and so let me stick with him/her and you know be close to them, but then they get too attached and don't have an image of themselves because they've been living through their siblings eyes, or followed in their footsteps. And I would know because I am the youngest in my family. And this is why I feel so much for Mabel. Yeah, I sided with Dipper a little at the end just because I've accepted that things do have to change and things don't last forever, which is very hard to take in immediately and I think that's why Mabel ran off, it's not because she took it in and went maybe he's right. She took it in and went, maybe nobody is going to be around her anymore, and that crushes her, and all she wants is things to stay the way they were and yeah, that was a little selfish but I mean c'mon wouldn't you want the fun to last?
Wouldn't you like to see your friends for just one more day to just be like okay goodbye, a proper goodbye at that? And wouldn't you for the last time just want to surround yourself with the people that you're going to leave behind?

I mean sure she could have brought the party day up, but that still doesn't change the fact that she can't see her friends on the last day of summer. Or the fact that Dipper is going to stay in Gravity Falls; although she could stay too, but then, she'll feel unwanted, and lonely anyways, because Dipper would most likely be spending time with Ford in some dingy place doing detective work on the supernatural. It's all of that and more. She just wanted to go to a place where she could see all of her dreams just one last time before it got crushed.And that led to a slightly selfish act of giving the Rift to Bill who was possessing Blendin, and she cause the end of the world, truly making her the Goddess of Destruction, but still, I think she wasn't in the right state of rationale, and that led to a big mistake, and she is not one to fully blame. For me, there are a lot of theories I came up with as to why Bill possessed Blendin but that's for another post. And I still think that Mabel is the victim, even though this mistake will definitely cause, a bigger divide between the two, and ultimately a true rift between them.


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