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From the official poster to the first and only full-length trailer, news for Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens has been spreading like wildfire during the last couple of days. Even with these new revelations, there are a lot of mysteries surrounding the upcoming film. While we may not know a lot plot-wise, there are some really fun trivia tidbits about what has been going on behind-the-scenes.

1. Droid Designs


We all remember R2-D2 and C-3P0 from the original Star Wars movies, but The Force Awakens is set to bring us a new lovable robotic companion to add to the list. You may remember BB-8 from the trailers, but many were initially kind of hesitant towards the droid's comical design. That design was actually based off of the original R2-D2 design, where the droid's canister-like torso balanced on a ball instead of legs. The design couldn't be utilized in the mid-'70, so they scrapped the idea and added legs.

2. Small Screen to Big Screen

Gwendoline Christie as Captain Phasma
Gwendoline Christie as Captain Phasma

Four different actors and actresses from HBO's Game of Thrones have been cast in The Force Awakens. Gwendoline Christie, who played Brienne of Tarth, has been cast as Captain Phasma. Other actors include Jessica Henwick (Nymeria Sand), Mark Stanley (Grenn), and Miltos Yerolemou (Syrio Forel).

3. Release Date Dilemma

In Italy, the original release date for The Force Awakens was January 6, 2016, several weeks after the movie premiered in the rest of the world. The plan was for Disney to show The Good Dinosaur first, and then push The Force Awakens back for later. Italian Star Wars fans were not very happy with the decision, and they went on to gather 5,000 signatures for a petition to change the date. Their voice was heard, and The Good Dinosaur was moved so that The Force Awakens could score a date on December 16, 2015. That means that Italy is now going to have a release sooner than the rest of the world!

4. Rejected Reprisal

Denis Lawson as Wedge Antilles
Denis Lawson as Wedge Antilles

When the seventh Star Wars film was announced, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford all announced that they would be coming back to reprise their roles as the iconic Star Wars gang. However, when Denis Lawson, who played Wedge Antilles in the original trilogy, was offered a chance to come back, he turned it down. He stated that coming back would have just bored him.

5. So Many Finns!

John Boyega as Finn
John Boyega as Finn

Though John Boyega's character, Finn, is a completely original character to the Star Wars universe, there have been many other Finns throughout different Star Wars properties. There was a Jedi named Finn Ertay in The Clone Wars, the lead Finn Galfridian from the Star Wars: Invasion comic series, and a character named Finn Shallo in Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided.

6. Directorial Disputes

Director Matthew Vaughn
Director Matthew Vaughn

Before J.J. Abrams was signed on to direct the film, Matthew Vaughn entered negotiations. Unfortunately for the Kingsmen director, he disagreed on both the level of violence in the film and the choice of casting for the female lead, so he backed out. Brad Bird was also in talks to direct, but he was busy with Tomorrowland.

7. Choosing a Female Lead

Daisy Ridley as Rey
Daisy Ridley as Rey

When it came down to casting decisions for the character of Rey, several big-name actresses were considered for the part, including Jennifer Lawrence, Shailene Woodley, and Elizabeth Olsen. However, Olsen refused to even audition for the film, because her role as Scarlet Witch in Avengers: Age of Ultron interfered with filming dates for The Force Awakens. The part eventually went to Daisy Ridley, a lesser known actress.

8. What's in a Name?

Abrams drew inspiration for the character name Poe Dameron (Oscar Issac's character) from his personal life. The character received its last name from Morgan Dameron, Abrams's personal assistant, and his first name originates from Abrams's daughter's stuffed panda, named Poe.

9. Family Ties

After Oscar Issac scored the part of Poe Dameron in the film, his uncle, a huge fan of Star Wars, got really excited! Issac arranged it so that his uncle could actually visit the set, and when he arrived, J.J. Abrams asked if he would like to be an extra in the scene. Of course, Issac's uncle happily agreed.

10. Villainous Casting

As many of us know, Adam Driver from HBO's Girls plays the supremely sinister Kylo Ren in The Force Awakens. However, he wasn't exactly the first actor that was in mind for the villain of the film. Legendary actors Michael Fassbender and Hugo Weaving were both considered for the role as well. Lee Pace also auditioned for the role.

While we may have to wait a couple more months for the actual film, hopefully these trivia tidbits can tide you over a little longer. If not, here is the trailer! Just continually watch this and The Force Awakens will get here in no time!

The Force Awakens flies into theaters on December 18th.


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