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Brainiac is supposed to be the villain for MoS sequel that we won't see for a long time, but Superman vs the Elite would be pretty epic. I am going to list The Elite plus some added bad guys I think would be dope to see portrayed on the big screen. I'm not saying it will happen, but it would be cool. This will be a mix of The Elite from Superman vs The Elite and the comics that feature The Justice League Elite. What would start off as rogue heroes will end up in an all out battle an an unlikely hero in Vera Black who will turn on her brother to help Sups win against The Elite. I will also throw in some other villains and Supergirl I would like to see. Follow my vision for this DCMU see how I connect the fan cast and hopefully you enjoy. If not still stroke my ego.

Andrew Garfield - Manchester Black

The leader of The Elite with telepathic ability and a funny personality and a rouge way of handling things. Garfield didn't get to make the Avengers (their loss) he jumps ship and makes a huge impression as Manchester. Who knows this could be a spin off featuring him leading The Elite across the Galaxy.

Natalie Domer - Vera Black

Also known as Sister Superior she's extremely self confident and eventual leader of the Justice League Elite. She's often controlled by her brother, but she takes a huge step and becomes her own person. For this movie she will serve as both an agent like in the movie and a super hero like the comics. She didn't have a big role in the animated movie, but it would change here as she would be the one to help Superman. Domer oozes intense tough girl to add to her obvious sex appeal. She's almost too perfect for this role and should make Black a household name. Ok that last part was a bit of an exaggeration.

Menagerie - Genesis Rodriguez

Sonja is of an alien race who joins The Elite and The Justice League Elite (2nd Sonja). Genisis is sexy and has an exotic look that lends itself to the role. Plus she can really play the tough chick.

Boobo Stewart - The Hat

The Hat isn't as big as the other members but he does come in conflict with Sups; his fire breathing and invulnerability make him a difficult foe Booboo Stewart is the man for the role. He got some big screen action as a superhero in Days of Future Past as Warpath he got more action as Takeda in Mortal Combat X. He's not your ordinary Disney star the boy may be in his way to some big things. He has a ton of upcoming projects.

Chad Coleman - Coldcast

Coldcast is a member of both elite teams who had the ability to fly and access electromagnetic field, he could also fly, and he can since movements throughout the Galaxy. Coleman is one of my favorite TV actors he has a calm and intimidating presence. The role of Coldcast belongs to the TV star.

Other Potential Superman Villains and Team for future films like the arrival of Supergirl

Jean Reno - Brainiac

Brainiac does in fact need to be in a Superman movie one way or another. Reno has the height and an excellent voice. With the right costume, or stand in like Marvel did with Ultron he would do an excellent job. Brainiac's story should be connected to John Corben, Lex should be involved and Sups should need help meaning other heroes should be featured.

Scott Adkins - Metallo

Adkins isn't a household name, but he's making his rounds as an action star. He's a stuntman turned actor with a lender resume with films such as Zero Dark Thirty, Legends of Hercules, Ninja Shadow of Fear. He starred in Close Range, and he will star in a post apocalyptic film Re-Kill. As Metallo he would be perfect for the ex US soldier turned enemy of Superman who is controlled by Brainiac.

Joe Maganiello - Lobo

Joe has the look and is a fan favorite to land a DC role. His name has been circulated as potentially playing Shazam. Maybe this wasn't what fans had in mind but he would kill it. Joe as Lobo brings intimidating size and the prefect look to pull off the super powered, galactic, bounty hunter. He's been around comic movies playing Flash Thompson in the original Spider-Man. He's most recognizable from True Blood as a werewolf which brought him a ton of notoriety and a movie I will never see Magic Mike. I'm more than confident that he would hold his own on the big screen and he's sure to make Lobo worth seeing in multiple films.

Matt Bomer - Bizarro

Bizarro would be great in another sequel also featuring Lex with a similar approach as the New 52. Bizarro would be created and controlled by Lex as an imperfect Superman clone. Bizarro would be first which ties into Superboy who would be a more successful attempt. For this Bizzaro shouldn't be mentally retarded, just manipulated by Lex with little emotions tied to his actions. Bomer is a TV actor with shows like Chuck, White Collar, and an appearance on American Horror Story. He's played As a bonus Bomer almost played Sups in a movie, plus he looks a little like Cavill. Bomer would do pretty well as Bizarro.

Bella Thorne - Supergirl

She's an up and coming actress who rose to fame on Disney's Shake it Up as Cece Jones and has since branched out. She has the perfect look, the height, and the right amount of talent to play the Krytonian hero. Her role on The Duff made this an easy selection. She played a mean girl (Madison) and really shined in the role she was confident, cocky, and sexy. We've seen her lovable, innocent, and funny so it's perfect.

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