ByJamie Parker, writer at
Jamie Parker

So, your theory is that the body Rey is crying over is Chewie. However, is like to point out a few things that lead me to believe it's much worse than that and confirms what many have said for months. That is: Han Solo is dead, and that's actually him Rey is crying for. Why do I think that? Let's break it down. First, notice that the bandoleer is over Chewie's left shoulder in the scene where he and Han are standing beside each other. Now look closely at the scene in question. It almost looks like Chewie could be laying down until you see that the bandolier would have to be on Chewie's right shoulder for that to be so. No, Chewie is not lying down here, but is standing. Why do I know this? Look how Rey looks up, way up, like up at a very tall Chewbacca as she cries. It would appear that Rey is looking down at a dead Han being carried by Chewbacca, and then looks up at Chewie in despair as she mourns the loss of who I presume will be revealed as her father. I hate this, but it is likely the truth.


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