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Traci Hines is well known around the internet as the real life Little Mermaid, having made a career out of morphing into her favorite Disney Princess.

With acclaimed work on both youtube, cartoons and even at Tokyo Disney, Traci has become a household name, with not only her transformation of our favorite mermaid, but many other beloved Disney Characters, Elsa, Jasmine and Rapunzel just to name a few.

This year in the true Halloween spirit, she has brought to life another famous Disney character, though one that is known a little more as provocative than her other incarnations.

As a special treat, she decided to wear a witches' cape and become one of the infamous "Sanderson Sisters" in a series of two videos. The first is a rather hauntingly beautiful rendition of "Come Little Children" that I daresay would bring the even most tired child from their bed to follow her and get the life sucked out of them. If you watch closely through the video, you will see a few Disney artifacts, including Winifred's book and Aladdin's lamp covered in cobwebs.

She didn't just rest on her laurels, however, and gathered friends Lauren Matesic, Chrissy Lynn, and Mick Ignis to recreate a little of the movie magic with "I Put a Spell on You". They are clearly having fun, with Traci bouncing around and Winifred being just the right amount of annoyed and powerful.

Much attention was paid to detail, down to the broomsticks being a broom, a mop and a vacuum cleaner. See if you can spot "Ice" and Jay amongst the trick-or-treaters as well. The video was clearly done by someone with a lot of love for the original, and may go down as one of Traci's best covers.

Be bewitched by the crew, and watch their video while you follow them on their respective social media pages and have a very Happy Halloween.

Traci Hines (Sarah)

Laura Matesic (Winifred)

Chrissy Lynn (Mary)

Mick Ignis (Billy Butcherson)


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