ByMichael Alcorn, writer at
I creep and then I speak
Michael Alcorn

Have u heard of them? That is the main question that on every horror fan mind. After the above poster has started circulating around the internet and now has appeared in various towns around the United States. There has been a media outrage and everyone clammering trying to get first exclusive interview with the ones resposible for this new project called "Them "slated for fall 2016 release but all attempts have hit a dead end. The ones responsible for this project has only given a date of release. There is no indication of who the director is , what cast members are casted , or no known details of what the project is about. Media outlets such as AMC, FX, HBO, Audience, Netflix have been rumored to have been the only ones who know anything about "Them." We will keep u inform of any new info as it becomes available but until then have everyone keeps asking have u heard of "Them?"


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