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This week, Star Wars took the world by storm yet again with the latest trailer to the next chapter in the saga: The Force Awakens. The newest, and likely final, preview for the anticipated film premiered on Monday October 19th during the ESPN's coverage of the NFL; and then hit the web shortly afterwards. To say that the preview got fans excited would likely be an understatement. Featuring more scenes and other surprises this new preview had everything a Star Wars fan, and a moviegoer, could hope for.

The trailer definitely painted The Force Awakens in a new light by revealing several elements; though not in a way that made anything a spoiler. There were plenty of moments in this preview that one could not help but speculate about; like the roles of the new characters and the fate of a missing hero. It is hard to tell just how the direction to Episode VII will play out; but for the time being: these some theories that came to mind when watching official trailer to Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

A New Death Star

If you have seen the new poster to the film, then odds are you spotted the massive sphere that resembles a certain battle station. The poster suggests that The First Order will have there very own Death Star. Earlier reports pointed out that this station would be known as Starkiller Base; and it would in fact be a powerful weapon. Both the poster and the trailer definitely indicate what Starkiller Base is suppose to be. Unless I am mistaken, Starkiller Base is a planet variation of the Death Star. How the First Order created such a weapon is beyond me, but the planet sized battle station looks to be a reality; and I believe it shares another quality to its predecessor. Judging from what I saw in the preview, Starkiller Base does have the power to blow up a planet. It is unclear just how it works, but it would make sense that this base has the destructive power similar to the Death Star. However if the Death Star could destroy an entire planet in one shot, one can only imagine what a planet sized battle station is capable of.

The Identity of Rey

This trailer really showcased the new heroine: Rey (Daisy Ridley). According to the trailer Rey is an outcast who finds herself into a intergalactic adventure. It was obvious from day one that there is more to Rey then meets the eye as she likely strong in the force and is set to become a Jedi. Yet after watching this trailer, I cannot help but wonder that there is more to Rey's backstory then being a simple scavenger (well this is Star Wars after all). I have this feeling that Rey's origin is connected with either one of the older characters or the newer additions to the Star Wars cast. I could see Rey ending up being a child in the Skywalker line, or just being connected with Kylo Ren. Then again Rey could just be a simple scavenger who's about to become something more. It is hard to say but I am eager to see the development of this heroine.

The Identity of Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren is without a doubt the poster child to The Force Awakens, and it is by no means a shock. Since he ignited his cross-guard lightsaber in the film's first teaser, many have wondered the identity of this new villain. Though the new trailer does not reveal much in Ren's character (with the exception of him being a Vader groupie); it seems pretty clear that Ren has a big role to play. Some have suggested that Kylo Ren could be Luke's son and I would definitely not rule that direction out. However I feel that, in one way or another, Kylo Ren is connected to Luke's story. I think that Kylo will turn out to a former student to Luke Skywalker who turned to the dark side and became a Knight of Ren. This direction may be too similar to plotlines from previous Star Wars film, but it would still be effective given the context of The Force Awakens. Along with Kylo's secret origin is his connection with the Knights of Ren; who did appear in the trailer. Some information suggest that Kylo Ren is a former member to this organization, but I feel (and hope) that the knight's have a bigger role to play in this new movie; as well as the films to come. Whatever may be in store for this villain, there is something about Kylo Ren that is shrouded in mystery, and hopefully we will get some answers come December 18th.

The Whereabouts of Luke Skywalker

While there were many things to see in this new trailer, there was something missing in the preview; or better yet someone. The new trailer revealed nothing on the whereabouts of Luke Skywalker( with the exception of the shot of Luke in the second teaser). In fact, in the film's advertisement, Luke has been absent. It seems that the filmmakers want to keep Luke's role as secretive as possible; which may I say seems familiar to another iconic character's part in a previous JJ Abrams' film. Needless to say, I think that the absence of Luke may be more then just a advertising ploy. I think that Luke Skywalker has gone into exile prior to the events of the film. If this is true, my guess is that Luke suffered a major lost (like say an apprentice turning evil), and the hero decided to disappear from the galaxy. This idea would be an interesting direction for the character as it would give Luke a compelling narrative; and it would make his return all the more triumphant. I know that the lack of the iconic hero may damper the trailer's effectiveness, but I do believe that the preview( as well as the movie) will be better for it.

These are just some of the speculated directions that I saw from this new trailer; but then again I could be wrong on all accounts. It is possible that the identity of Rey and Kylo could go a different route or Luke's absence maybe for other reasons. As Yoda says:“Always in motion is the Future” and that could not be more true with the mysteries behind Episode VII. I guess the only to get these answers is by seeing The Force Awakens when it hits theaters. Until the, we will just have to continually speculate and watch the new preview a dozen more time.


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