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The third episode of The Flash came around this week and there were a lot of family issues in this episode. Let's not stall and get straight into it!

Like Father, Like Son

Lewis Snart is the father of Captain Cold and his sister, Lisa. He is a bad father who lead his children to become bad. He has also put bombs in his worker's heads, along with his own daughter- which he did because all that Cold cares about is his sister. His dad was threatening him to do more evil things. Lisa never liked her dad and has always been unfair to her. After being defeated by the Flash, Lewis is killed by his son because Leonard thinks he is a threat to his sister. I feel now that Lewis is gone, who was a great character, Cold and Lisa will become more good than bad. With Cold, this leads up to him being in Legends of Tomorrow. I was a little skeptical about Cold turning good but I can see the path now. Also, there are definitely some good paths Lisa could take.

Iris' Mom

We find out in this episode that Iris' mom is alive. She was a drug addict and Joe sent her away, but now she has come back to Central City to see Iris. It was very emotional when Joe had to tell Iris about her mother. The part I found interesting was that Barry knew Iris would understand, and she did. This really shows how close Barry and Iris are.

Jay/Caitlin or Barry/Patty

Jay Garrick/Caitlin and Barry/Patty Spivot both have great chemistry with one another. I really like Patty and everyone says she is going to be the Felicity of The Flash - don't even say that, guys! I actually like Barry and Patty as a thing more than Jay and Caitlin because that feels too forced. Jay opened up the portal but he is convinced, mainly by Caitlin, to stay and help fight Zoom.

What's up with Earth 2 Harrison Wells?!

Yes, he looks very scary and evil in this picture. He may look scary but I can assure all of you guys that he is not evil. We last saw him in the future at future S.T.A.R. Labs and now we see him walk through this portal. He may have looked evil for two endings in a row, but Harrison Wells will be helping out Team Flash (for real this time) and be a regular on the show. Now, he might be a 'dick' character, but that is just to make Professor Stein more likable and to make sure Harrison Wells won't take the spotlight away.


Speaking of Professor Stein, he's going all-out berserk at the end of this episode. He needs to find his other half. This is what the next episode will be about; Team Flash will track down Jay Jackson and they (Stein and Jay Jackson) will be the new Firestorm!

How did YOU guys like this episode? Tell me below!


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