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(Warning! Spoilers for Agents of Shield S3 Ep4 ahead! I am not explaining every little detail about this episode, so go watch the episode before you read this amazing and wonderful article!)

Agents of Shield really took a bashing when season 1 came out. But boy has it really taken off the training wheels since then. After season 2's monumental success, everybody was super hyped for season 3. And so far, Marvel has delivered. I have not written recaps for any of the first three episodes, but I am going to start doing this weekly. And by weekly, I mean right after the episode airs. Alright, enough of me rambling... Let's get started!

Season 3 Episode 3

"Devils you know"

Main plot lines!

• Hunter and May tracking down Ward

• Shield and the A.T.C.U. hunting Lash

• Simmons recovery and her plans to rebuild the Monolith


• May and Andrew Garner's relationship

• Daisy's trust issues with Coulson

• May second guessing Hunter's plans

• Bobbi and Simmons starting to form a strong bond


This was a very strong episode and I thought it was a lot better than the third one. I am going to write a brief summary of every characters mental state: May seems to be torn and I think it's because she loves Andrew, but is unsure if he loves her and wants to keep him safe. In this episode, Hunter was a lot less crazy. I didn't expect him to find Ward so quickly though. I thought that would happen at least seven or eight episodes in to the season. Coulson seems a little star struck by Rosalind Price, the boss behind the A.C.T.U., who I think is milking that for all its worth. Hunter can't contain his nervous energy because he knows he is so close to Ward. Daisy is really not trusting Coulson's idea to share Intel with the A.T.C.U. but isn't really saying anything about it. Simmons is definitely hiding something although we obviously don't know what it is. Fitz is a little bit depressed it seems like. Probably from a combination of Simmons and Bobbi hiding stuff from him and Simmons kind of ignoring his desperate pleas of the heart. Both Bobbi and Mack didn't really have a certain emotional state. This episode is super subtly hinting at Civil War and it is awesome. I can't wait for next weeks episode! Simmons is about to tell Fitz everything that happened on the Kree world that she was trapped on. So yay, let's get pumped!

Overall score:

Because this episode had some pacing issues and I still don't understand how Hunter could have even gotten close to Ward without him knowing, this episode definitely isn't getting a ten. In the other hand, it was still a super entertaining episode with lots of action and mystery. So the final score, out of ten, for this episode is:


(P.S. Because the first three episode were not ranked, I will rank them in this post instead.)(But I will do updated rankings every recap article.)

Rankings for Season 3

1. Ep1 "Laws of Nature" 9.2

2. Ep4 "Devils You Know" 8.5

3. Ep2 "Purpose In the Machine" 8.3

4. Ep3 "A Wanted (Inhu)man" 7.7


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